13 lessons you learn from watching 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why has been under fire lately and most of us (mere mortals) are curious as to what it is all about. Netflix has been releasing great shows this year and it's no surprise that this TV show has also gain it's own fame.

Here are our lists as to what we learned from watching 13 Reasons Why:

  1. It's based on a book. Although the plot is fiction but the author, Jay Asher, wrote the book based on his experience in his high school. (Trivia!)
  2. It shows Bullying to the highest level. Bullies are everywhere - that's the case for Hannah. Her reputation was torn to shreds because her peers were either angry, jealous or insecure about her.
  3. People should listen. It's hard to identify which person is crying for help. Most people who need help, like Hannah, have a hard time "talking". In the show, Hannah says that she gives "Life one last try" and was already reaching out but as always, no one was listening.13 lessons you learn from watching 13 Reasons Why
  4. Get out means don't go. It's related to number 3 but then, some or better yet most of us mean a different thing when we say things to other people. (Just saying.)
  5. Actions has a LOT of consequences. Hannah's choice was a bit dramatic for us. (Don't try that decision kids!) But, the after effects of her "decision" cause some major chaos in her school.
  6. Gossips is contagious. Spreading one gossip or even one lie can harm one person to it's very core. We should all practice this saying - "Gossip dies when you spread it to a wise persons ears."
  7. Friendship does not last. Not all you meet in life was meant to stay. Some people drift out of your life and go on a different path.13 lessons you learn from watching 13 Reasons Why
  8. Remember Cassette tapes. Cassette tapes are almost non existent these days but then 13 Reason's why brought it back with it's Side A and Side B feature.
  9. Teenagers are stubborn and just want to fit in. Regrets, Bad decisions, and choices. Being a teenager is hard, we all get that. We all gone through with it but despite knowing that it is a "bad decision" to do something, they still go through with it.
  10. Blaming someone is never good. People like to blame. It's human nature but then again, when you blame someone and pressure them, it bores a hole into their heart and thus, revenge is finally in play.
  11. Hypothetical questions are not hypothetical. Most hypothetical question or hypothetical situations are always based on a true story.
  12. The casts are eye-candies. If the story wasn't that sad and depressing, you would totally appreciate the casts in the show.13 lessons you learn from watching 13 Reasons Why
  13. One of the producer is Selena Gomez. Selena Gomez loved the book so much that she wanted to see the book on screen. 13 Reasons why is her 3rd show as a producer.

Never Ever Judge Anyone. You Don't Know Their Story And What's Really Going On.

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