There are a lot of things that we find satisfying in the world and sometimes we find things that are strangely satisfying to look at.
If you’ve visited reddit before, you would know that there are a lot of categories that discusses about different things.
Luckily, the subreddit oddlysatisfying has several interesting things that we can see for our entertainment.

1. Playing Cards as Dominoes


We often play with dominoes and we usually make a huge line or pattern with them. Of course, we all know how satisfying it is to see domino tiles fall into place.
However, this gif takes it to a whole new level. Instead of using domino tiles, the person used playing cards and it just looks amazing.
Strangely, it feels more satisfying to look at compared to regular domino tiles. This is definitely one of our favorite things to watch.

2. Melting Solder

Metal can be incredibly hard and our brain will always think of it that way. However, seeing a solder easily melt like butter is incredibly satisfying.
We don’t know why and we probably can’t explain why this is so satisfying. Naturally, this process looks dangerous and wearing safety gloves is a must.
However, we would rather Just watch the melting process rather than doing the job ourselves.

3.Vacuum Forming Suitcase Shells

Ahh, suitcases! we probably have one or two lying around in the house. We would probably use these suit cases whenever we travel out of town.
It never occurred to us that the manufacturing of suitcases was oddly satisfying. The material of the suitcase shell in particular looks incredibly amazing.
The material just expands and it suddenly into the hard shell of the suit case. It’s almost like black magic in our opinion. We could just watch this for hours if we wanted.

These areĀ  our picks for oddly satisfying things that we can find on reddit. However, there are definitely more of these types of content that you can find on the subreddit.
If you guys love these types of things, we encourage you to look and explore in the oddly satisfying subreddit.