A New Year for all of Us

Everyone will always remember that 2020 is the year when everyone has been through a crazy roller coaster ride. The decisions that every country has to make just to contain an unforeseen enemy has made impacts worldwide.

2020 is definitely the year where most of us has lost something. Some has lost a loved one may it be a friend, a lover or a loved one. Some lost the will to live because they felt so alone. Some lost their jobs because the economy is shut down.

But despite all these, there is a silver lining. A few things that we are grateful for even though how hard everything is.

  • Family. Most of us have been busy especially as to how society has always been evolving every now and then. However, when each country has started putting people in a lockdown, each of us are forced to stay at home and start spending time with our family to create better memories despite the hardships of it all.
  • Friends. One of the requirement to stop this virus is to conform with social distancing so that would mean, no physical meeting with friends or even relatives. So most of us are forced to meet new friends to innovative through chatting or online apps. To some of us, we are blessed to have gain new friends and to have connected with the old ones.
  • Resilient. Face it, we all adjusted to what’s is going to be the standard normal in the next few years to come. The industries that are left standing were forced to create new process in order to save lives. Each one of us has given their fair contributions to stop this virus.
  • Simple Life. All of us are humbled with the recent things happening. It forced us to stop what we are doing, look at the beauty around us and listen to the silence and the peace as to what has been given to us.

This may not be the normal type of article that we usually posts but this year has been a challenge for most of us.

We are forever grateful to all of you, for supporting our site and for giving us a chance to share thoughts and our reviews. Join us again to another roller coaster ride and lets keep moving forward (from the wise words of Meet the Robinsons.)

We would also like to say thank you for all those who are risking their lives to give us a brighter and safer future.

Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash

A Happy New Year to all!