Battle of the AI - Google Home vs Amazon Echo

Personal AI assistant have already been introduced in the market through our mobile devices. We have Siri, Cortana or Google Now. These AI have been a lifesaver on managing our busy schedule. But, what would it be like if these AI's will have a place at your home?

Meet Google Home

Google Home is a hands-free, voice-activated and wifi speaker powered by the Google Assistant with a command "Okay, Google". It can stream music, help you with your day to day task, and helps you with what you want to know.

Not only that, Google Assistant has been developed with the use of AI and machine learning so that your inquries will have the accurate response that you really need.

When Google Home is turned on, colors from the Google logo lights up. It's base is customizable and can be changed in different color depending on your personal preference.

Meet Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a hands-free, voice-controlled speaker, internet driven that awakens when you call "Alexa". Alexa is your very own personal assistant that provides information, plays music, controls smarthome devices and so much more. It really is a big help on your busy schedule!

There are different types of speakers introduced by Amazon and it really depends on your preference as to which one suits your needs.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a 9.25-inch-tall cylinder speaker with a 7-piece microphone array. Echo needs a Wi-Fi connection to be able to respond and search for your inquiry and it must remain plugged in for power.

Amazon Tap

Amazon Tap is a 6.2-inch-tall cylinder speaker with a 7-piece microphone array. It's a smaller and more affordable version of Echo. Of course, it still comes with full access to Alexa. Unlike it's sibling Echo, the Amazon Tap is wireless and has a cradle in order to charge it.

Echo Dot

Echo Dot is 1.6-inch-tall cylinder with one tiny speaker.

The main difference between Dot and Echo is the size. The full-size speaker is gone. For the Echo Dot, it needs to connect to your own audio setup by jack or Bluetooth so that you can use Alexa with your speakers. That built-in speaker is only used for Alexa for voice feedback but as always, Echo Dot still needs Wi-fi to be able to deliver a response and search for your inquiry.


Google Home is our best bet due to it's ability to continue a conversation when you inquire. However, we also think Echo Dot could be a good contender especially for it's price. It's really is a tight race. If you have big budget, then we recommend Google Home but if money is tight, Echo Dot is the next option.

Battle of the AI - Google Home vs Amazon Echo



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