BBC explains: From Planet Earth to Hollywood

For years, Cinematic shots and movies have always been evolving and impressing us with new technology and equipments. So, it's no surprise that television has now found its way to capture the same cinematic shots as the movies.

Planet Earth is a BBC television series that showcases wildlife on Planet Earth. Each series talks about different topics that ranges from the universe to the earth's wildlife. We get to learn more about how the other half of the creatures live apart from the creatures we know.

In this video, BBC is giving us the behind the scene as to how their equipments evolve and explains to us how these equipments gave us one of the best action scene ever.

From Black and White

BBC explains: From Planet Earth to Hollywood


BBC explains: From Planet Earth to Hollywood

To Ultra HD

BBC explains: From Planet Earth to Hollywood

BBC started with 16mm Ultra weight camera's when they started filming the wildlife but was criticized - for these were camera's not better than the studio camera's. But of course, bringing a studio camera to the jungle is not practical enough to do and so these 16mm camera's was the only option.

But even if these camera's captured what it needed to capture, there were still some issues that was quite not perfect.

BBC then switched to more sophisticated camera - the Digital HD Camera - which provided a more stable shots especially with the aerial shots done by helicopters that captures the awesome planet that we call Mother Earth. It provided a more stable shot and was able to capture some scenes without scaring the animals.

These camera's were used for 10 more years until they found a new equipment that they could use to get aerial shots. Drones. Drones were used together with the lenses with the stabilizer technology that provided a more detailed and intimate shot of what needs to be captured.

Using this technology, it gave the viewers a view on how these creatures live their life in their own territory and their story.

BBC explains: From Planet Earth to Hollywood

See the  full video below:




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