Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for couples to go out and spend quality time with each other. Since Valentine’s is coming, we’re going to share a few gifts that you should definitely avoid.
Of course, Valentine’s is meant to be a day shared with your significant other and gifts shouldn’t really be the priority. It doesn’t mean that these gifts are bad, but you might want to reconsider if you plan on buying a gift.

Flowers aren’t bad and you can just buy them anytime and anywhere. However, flowers become ridiculously expensive during Valentine’s and it might be difficult to find if you’re desperate.
As for an alternative to flowers, we recommend you make breakfast for your partner. If you want, you can go on a hiking trip and experience nature.
Naturally, flowers are still good gifts but you should spend more time with your significant other since that’s always important.

Valentine’s Card
Okay, Valentine’s Cards are a common thing. You would usually pair them with a bouquet of flowers and that would make up as a set.
You don’t have to buy a Valentine’s card, but you can substitute it with a personal letter or poetry. If you want to make your partner feel special, then you should take the time to personalize your gifts.
We bet that they would love it and they would definitely notice the effort that you put into it.

Valentine’s Balloons are nice but everyone is always giving them away. If your partner has been receiving these gifts for years, it might be the time for something new.
The Balloons aren’t bad, but they can be burdensome if you plan on going on a date afterward. At the end of the day, the balloon is just going to be thrown away.
If you want an alternative gift, you can take her out on a hot air balloon ride or a blimp ride.

Candy or Chocolate
A box of chocolate is also another common gift that’s been given throughout the years. While many people love sweets, there are some people who doesn’t like it.
It might be because they don’t have a sweet tooth or it might be because they have diabetes. We suggest that you ask your partner about their favorite snack.
If you already know their favorite snack or food, you can give that to them on Valentine’s instead. Of course, you should make sure to add some personal touches to it.
For example, you grab a box and fill it with their favorite snacks. You could then decorate the box and give it to them as a surprise.

Stuff Toys
Stuff toys are also very common gifts on valentine’s day. Everyone tends to give their partner a stuff toy with a bouquet and a box of chocolates.
Unless your partner likes traditional gifts, you could go to the zoo or a pet store to visit their favorite animal.
If you really want to give your partner something, you can buy her a pet animal that she likes.

Jewelry and Accessories
Jewelry like rings and necklaces are very common gifts in any occasion. It just isn’t on Valentine’s that you can give jewelry.
While Jewelry gifts are always welcomed, you might want to give something more personal if you want it to be more cherished.
If you know how to make things, you might want to make her a hat, sweater or anything similar. You should definitely make sure to engrave her initials on it.
You shouldn’t also limit yourself to parcels of clothing. If you know how to make some ceramics, you can make her a bowl, plate or even a vase.
As long as it’s something you personally made, we’re definitely sure your partner would love it.

We hope you try to avoid these common Valentine’s gifts and decide to personalize your own gifts.
Of course, it’s always best that you plan your Valentine’s Day ahead.
We hope you enjoy some of our alternative gift suggestions.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!

Credits to the Owner: Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay



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