Five things we are most grateful for

Thanksgiving is a holiday that has been going on for generations. And it all starts with I am thankful for... During this holiday, many people come home and spend their time with their families. So in the spirit of tradition, we also have some thing we are definitely thankful for.

1. We are thankful for the Sonic Movie Redesign

It's no secret that a lot of people hated the first design of Sonic in the upcoming Sonic movie.
We also didn't like the first design since it didn't really look like Sonic at all.
Luckily, SEGA was quick enough to react to the feedback and they worked hard to change him.
This is definitely something WE are thankful for!

2. We are thankful for the Netflix for giving us Witcher

Netflix has been releasing tons of new and original series or movies every month.
When we heard that there was a plan for a Witcher TV series, we weren't sure if it was going to be great.
However, the trailers definitely impressed us and we're just thankful that it's coming out next month.
So yeah, we definitely have to thank Netflix forĀ  spreading the Witcher to more audiences around the world.

Thank you Netflix for this upcoming Witcher series - not to mention the actor!

3. We are thankful for Sean Evans and his show called Hot OnesĀ because Gordon Ramsay is in it.

Our favorite spicy talk show is running strong with many more celebrities.
We would like to thank the show and Sean Evans for entertaining us for so long.
In fact, we're definitely grateful that they were able to invite the toughest celebrities for a hot wing interview.
If were to name our favorite celebrity who took the hot ones interview, it's probably Gordon Ramsay since we saw him break a lot of sweat.

4. We are thankful for Japan because Gundam is pretty much awesome!

Japan is known for many things like anime, ramen, sakura tree and Gundam.
Gundam started off as an anime many years ago and it eventually expanded.
Now, you get to see Gundam in toys, video games, comics and more.
If there was no Gundam, we probably wouldn't be able to enjoy other mech shows from Japan.
There's a Gundam Youtube channel and they release new Gundam shows in celebration of the series.

5. We are grateful for Star Wars because it's the most iconic movie ever.

Why Star Wars? Well, the series has a massive following and the new movie is also coming out next month.
However, we're grateful for the franchise because of its expansive story, characters and world building.
The franchise has grown incredibly big and we just love it. Of course, we can't forget the reveal of baby Yoda in the Mandalorian TV series.
In any case, we really are grateful for the series since many of us grew up watching the original trilogy.
Here's one last look at Star Wars before the movie comes out next month.

Well, that's our list for the things we're most grateful for. So, what are you most grateful for?
Happy Thanksgiving everyone and Happy Holidays!

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