Arcade games have been popular for decades for it’s simplicity and challenging game play. Although in today’s technology, most of us get our game fix by using our mobile phones and downloading them through digital media store. But that did not stop this one iconic classic arcade shooter game from re-inventing!

Enter Galaga – 35 years later – (an addictive arcade game) has been renamed into Galaga wars and is now better than ever! The graphics are totally different from the classic and the game play is still as good as ever! Alien swarms (who could ever forget these) are still the public enemy number one and the sounds – oh boy! – definitely brings you back to the days.

Galaga Wars starts of with their iconic theme song that will definitely get you pumped up to try and play the game.

Buttons found in the menu can get you to earn more points by doing daily missions or upgrade your current ship if you think it is not good enough.

The game takes you into outer space and aliens swarms will fly in and try to destroy your ship. Dodge those laser blasts! Captured ships will come out and will be asking for your help. If you successfully kill it’s captor, the ship will join you in killing the swarms of aliens! More fire power!

Tip: If you get a good spaceship, sacrifice your first ship. This will automatically be your ship that you will use in the succeeding sectors.

galaga - 35 years later

galaga - 35 years later

In Galaga, you get 3 lives to clear your current stage but in Galaga wars, you only get 1 life. But the good thing about it is that if you do not want to start from the very beginning, you can always use your warp capsules (which can be acquired from reward boxes) and jump to the last sector you were in.

There are 11 sectors for now and you need to unlock each sector. Although, we haven’t gotten to that part yet but it’s still the same addictive classic arcade game.

Game Statistics

Levels: 11

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Bandai Namco

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment

Wrap Up

Galaga Wars is a newly upgraded version of the classic arcade game Galaga with great graphics and still the same awesome game play! Highly recommended to try it!

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