Game Review: 13!

13! is an addictive colorful game in which you match same colored tiles to get to 13. It's that simple or is it? The key to the whole game is how you group together the same color or numbers and match them up to form a new number.

There are two types of games you can choose from.

  • Play until you get to 13.
  • Play by levels and choose if you want Easy, Medium or Hard.

Game Review: 13!

The Game play

At the beginning of the game, a board full of 1's and 2's and 3's will fill your board. Tap on the 1's to make a 2's. You need a minimum of 2 tiles to make a new number.

If the same numbers are placed together, this will automatically stick together until you merge them.

Merging the highest number on the board to create a new highest number has its perks. Merging them together clears the lowest number on the board.

For example:

  • The highest number is 6.
  • The lowest number is 1.
  • Given there are 2 6's in the board. If you tap on them, this will merge to create a 7.
  • The lowest number which is 1 will then disappear and a new set of tiles are created (except 1).

This also applies if the lowest number is 2 or 3 or 4. In this way, achieving your goal to 13 is much faster.


  • In the beginning of the game, merge as much as you can until the whole board is filled with the same number tiles. This way, you can choose where to put the "merged" tile to merge to get to another number.


Bombs are best used if you think you're in a pickle. Using bombs deducts stars found at the upper right. This is kind of like your "money" in this game. But the tricky part of the bomb is that the cost of it gets higher every time you use it.

Stars are earned by playing the game and watching ads.


  • Turn off your wifi. Click on Watch once the game is over. This will earn you stars for free. (He he he)

Game Review: 13!


Levels are a small goal game. Each level has it's own goals as to which number you should achieve. There isn't anything special on this but some of the levels can be tricky even if its on Easy Mode.


We definitely agree that this game is every bit as addictive as the 3-Match games that we have been playing. Although the game is "short" because the goal is just 13 but getting to 13.. is not a path that is easy.

Game Statistics

Difficulty: 4.5

Platform: iOS

Developer: Good Job Games

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Do you have what it takes to get to 13?

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