Game Review: Alien Creeps TD

Alien Creeps TD is a strategic tower defense game with a lot of explosions, bombs, and a lot of alien blood. The game has the same goal just like any Tower defense game and that is defend your camp. Don’t let the alien creeps cross the other line or else lose lives.

Overall, Alien Creeps is not that hard – yet – to move on to the next level compared to Realm Defense but it has it’s own strengths and strategy that one needs to analyze for getting 3 to 5 stars.

Game Review: Alien Creeps TD

The Gameplay

The game has 50 levels. Each level has 3 challenge modes.

  • Campaign – This is the first challenge and with full 20 lives gives you 3 stars. By default, the defense that can be bought is Troopers, Machine gun, Laser and Rocket.
  • Veteran – This is the second challenge and with no lives lost, a star is rewarded. With this type, the defense is only a Machine gun and Rocket and there is only one life.
  • Specs Ops – This is the third challenge and if no lives lost, then another star is rewarded. This is a one wave creep and there is only one life.

If all challenges are accomplished, 5 stars is the maximum to earn. Stars are important to unlock the next map of the game.


  • Veteran and Specs Ops can be done later in the game if you need to unlock more stars and earn coins for upgrades.

Game Review: Alien Creeps TD

The Strategy

There are different types of Defense to choose from and choose carefully in order to properly defend one’s camp.

  • Troops – Not very good at defending at first but once upgraded, can be a good defense. Useful for invisible creeps.
  • Machine gun – Good defense. Very useful for flying aliens. Can be upgraded up to 3 machine power. Also have other useful tools.
  • Laser – Good defense but not good at spamming gunshots. Useful for Aliens with shields.
  • Rockets – Average defense but good at long range shots. Useful for all aliens.

In each level, the post for each defense becomes lesser and lesser so it is very important to know which defense is best.


  • It is very useful to pair the Machine Gun with Laser. One will lower the shield of the Alien and the other will fire. Great combination.
  • Although Troops are easily killed but they are great to stop invisible aliens.

A hero “Flak” is assigned as the game starts and the level is at Level 1. Along the game, some heroes will assist you in fighting the Aliens but after that, they need to be purchased in their in-app store.

Heroes can die as the game is still on going but they re spawn rather quickly. So it’s not a big problem if the hero dies.


  • Place your hero where there are defense weapons so that his damage will not be so great and he can live longer.

There are different kinds of aliens in the level. Some of them are easy and some of them are hard. It is best to use the appropriate strategy to kill these dastardly aliens.

Backup Weapons

Backup weapons are there when there is a need for backup. This can be earned through daily tasks and other missions.

  • Troopers – Once selected, a backup of troopers will be sent down from a plane and placed in the challenges.
  • Ice Stun – Once selected, an ice stun will stop the aliens from moving which will give time to kill the aliens.
  • Health – If the troops or the hero is almost out of life, click on this helper and it will restore their health.
  • Plane bomb – Once selected, a plane will drop a bomb to the location that was indicated that will instantly kill the aliens.

Game Review: Alien Creeps TD

The Upgrades

Upgrade weapons as long as there are coins. These are very useful since they make the cost of the weapons cheaper. The upgrades require time to accomplish so once bought, it is normal to wait until the upgrade is done.

Game Review: Alien Creeps TD

Daily Tasks

There are daily tasks within the game and if once accomplished, can earn Gems or even backup helpers. These tasks are just within the levels that you go through.

Game Review: Alien Creeps TD

Game Statistics

Levels: 50

Difficulty: 4

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Outplay Entertainment Ltd

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Stop Aliens from crossing over to your turf. Use Machine guns or Lasers or even troopers to stop them from invading the planet.

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