Game Review: Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing is a simulation game where the player (you) is stuck on a deserted island. Later on in the game, you will be able to fully customized your island into your wildest imagination. Armed with different tools such as a shovel, bug net, fishing rod, ladder, slingshot, axe and vaulting pole, you will be able to dig the earth for fossils, catch bugs and fishes, pop balloons floating on the sky, and cross in a different part of the island.

Use your tools to your advantage to be able to contribute for the welfare of the island or just earn bells to pay for the loan you owe Tom Nook for the expansion of your home.

One thing that really drove us to play this game is the dedication of the people in the island to provide us the basic necessary needs we need.

Who is Tom Nook?

If you have been paying attention to all your gamer friends, you might come across this name Tom Nook. Yes, that Tom Nook that everyone says that they are being scammed because he will expand your house for a high fee.

So who exactly is Tom Nook?

Tom Nook is a businessman. This guy has bells - tons of it and perhaps has a construction site since he helps you do any improvements on the island and your home. He looks really helpful and tries to help you out when you are in trouble but boy, he sure knows how to drive a hard bargain.

The Gameplay

The game starts when you are offered an island package life equip with all the basic things that you need. Of course, you are going to take it. Who doesn't love an island life?

Once you get into the island, you will be taught basic survival skills to be able to do stuff on the island. This includes creating tools or furniture's or anything that is deemed buildable for you to use in the island.

You will also be meeting some key people who will help you survive the island such as selling the stuff that you are able to catch or create to earn the debt that you will soon acquire when progressing in the game.

One good thing about this is that you have a smartphone to keep track with all your island life doings.

Game Review: Animal Crossing New Horizons

Things to do in the island

There are actually many things to do in island and a whole lot more if you have the patience to explore it.

Our favorite past time to do is usually to earn as much bells as we can to pay off the debt that we acquire because we just wanted a big home. Yes, we approach the famous Tom Nook for this since this is his expertise.

  • Bug Net - This tool is used to catch bugs. Each season in the island has different kinds of bugs and some bugs come out during the night and not on the day. When you do sell these, there are some bugs worth more than others.
  • Fishing pole - This tool is one of our favorite since you can fish in the river or in the sea.
  • Stone Axe - This tool is used to "chop" wood and by chopping, we mean hitting the trees.  The type of wood that it will throw is random so you cannot control what type of wood you get.
  • Slingshot - This tool is usually used when there is a balloon flying on the sky. The balloon has a present attached to it and once you pop it, you can unwrap the present and you can get DIY recipe or coins.
  • Shovel - This tool is used to dig anything on the ground. When you do see an X mark on the ground, be sure to dig it so that you can get a fossil which you can assess at the museum or donate it or sell it.
  • Vaulting Pool  - This tool is used to cross to the other side of the island especially if there is no bridge. This is very important since the other side can have other materials that you can use to build.
  • Ladder - This tool is used to climb into the second or third part of the cliff  or on the elevated area.


  • For Fishing make sure to choose the biggest one or the ones with a shark fin. These are the biggest fish and can cost a lot when sold.
  • For the shovel, if you see a light on the ground, be sure to dig it since you can earn coins.

Another thing you can do is shake trees. Shaking trees has been the best thing to do in this game because with shaking trees, you can get the following:

  • Fruits - you can either eat this or sell it.
  • Branch of the tree - you use this to create flimsy items.
  • Random furniture item - you can either decorate in your home or just sell it to earn some bells.
  • A painful swollen eye - you get this by stroke of luck when the tree has the hives.

You can also go to another island by using Nook miles ticket. In order to get this Nook Miles Ticket, you need to exchange it using your miles that you earn. Your smartphone keeps track on all your miles that you earn. Each achievement such as catching number of bugs or catching number of fishes will earn you miles that you can exchange for stuff. In this redemption also, you will be able to expand your inventory so make sure to save those miles!


There is still more to discover on what Animal Crossings New Horizon's island life has to offer. Each time we play, there is more features we get to unlock. What drives us to keep playing this game? OUR DEBT!

Game Statistics

Difficulty: 4

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Developer: Nintendo

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Simulation Game like no other! Dig the earth for fossils, catch bugs and fishes, pop balloons floating on the sky, and cross in a different part of the island.

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