Game Review: Another Case Solved

Another Case Solved is a detective story line, puzzle-matching game built with mini games in order to solve the case. Gather items and use them for hints or a helper to finish the puzzle. Although this type of puzzle game has been done before but the different mini games makes the game intriguing.

The Story line

You're a detective and you are training yourself to be the best detective and help on the curious candy conspiracy that has had the police on their toes.

Game Review: Another Case Solved


File cases that are found in your file drawer need a number of newspaper cases solved before you can take them. These cases are long and have a lot of mini games before you can solve this case.

Newspaper cases are small cases that usually earn you money - just in case you really need that cash to buy items or re-take the file cases that you so want to get 3 stars on.

The Game Play

Case details are placed in a folder where you can see the needed information. The first thing to do is to investigate and gather information. Match up the same clues as indicated by person asking.

Game Review: Another Case Solved

If you match up 5 of the same clue, it will create an evidence that is used to gather hard evidence (which is very important for some cases because this can earn you up to 3 stars).


  • As much as possible, gather clues by 5. Example: 10 evidence creates 2 hard evidence. It saves you moves especially if the same hard evidence are beside each other.
  • This requires a bit of brain power but you need to observe if it is better if you match up 5 or more or just 5.
  • If you have unused turns, these can be used to get extra cash.

Be careful on gathering those hard evidence. There are 2 choices that can be done.

  • One is gather all those hard evidence but if it that evidence is being asked upon investigation. You need to create another hard evidence (even if you already gathered it ahead).
  • Second is leave the hard evidence and wait until it is being asked. But the bad thing about this is that your board can have little moves. It really is up to you.

Game Review: Another Case Solved

File cases "Who is the culprit?"


Candies are important when you solve cases. They extend your moves in case you need more moves since you just want to get that last move to finish the case.

In small cases, there are candies found in the street but it has a ? on top of it. You need to gather the other clues first before the ? will be unlocked into a clue.

Game Review: Another Case Solved

File cases "Where is the culprit?"


There are items that is helpful upon solving the cases. Buy it at the cash register icon and read the description. When you buy furniture, read the description and make sure it will help you when you solve cases.

Worth buying

  • Post-it can reshuffle the puzzle
  • Sponge can change the clues into new one.


  • If you are obsessed on getting those needed hard evidence, do not finish the case. If you cannot get all hard evidence, fail the case and retry. There is no penalty if you do that. No cash deduction or newspaper deduction


This game has had us hooked for days and getting those stars (oh boy was that challenging!) A thumbs up from us and worth solving those cases!

Game Statistics

Chapters: 5 (with bonus cases)

Difficulty: 4

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Chillingo

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Love solving cases? How about doing puzzles and collecting hints and items so as to solve and get the real culprit? Another Case Solved has all of this and more!

User Review
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