Game Review: Best Fiends Stars

Best Fiends Stars is a matching puzzle game that lets you collect items on the puzzle to destroy monsters or just collect them. This is a spin off of the popular puzzle game Best Fiends. Basically the story is about how to be a star. Just like any puzzle games, it comes with different level.

The Gameplay

The Dashboard area of the game has a lot of cute icons all around. But what you really need to focus on is the different levels after you finished the previous one. Just like any other by level games, you get a maximum of 3 stars if you finished it without finishing all your moves.

However, the twist in this game is that you can never "restart" the game and earn more until you get it right kind of thing. If you get 1 star then that's all you get.

Each star you earn goes to the star chest. If the star chest is full, you earn items that or power ups that you can use during the game level.

Game Review: Best Fiends Stars

Game Review: Best Fiends Stars

You also earn creatures in the chest. They are the ones who give you some power ups that may help you in achieving a certain goal.

You also have 5 maximum hearts or lives, if you don't finish the level then you lose a life or you may use your coins to buy you more moves.

What we like

We definitely love the graphics. It's colorful and cute. It's also not hard to understand on how you play the game. The characters are easy to get and also level up. You just have to keep on playing an1d earn stars to earn some more. Also, after every difficult level encountered, it earns you some surprise chest that you can get some power ups or other important items that you can use on the level.

What we don't like

Too many advertisement to buy the coins or the power ups that it becomes a bit too much.

Game Review: Best Fiends Stars

Game Review: Best Fiends Stars


  • Try to form a long chain as much as possible. Longer chain, bigger points!

The Power ups (Helpers)

There are actually different helpers in the game. Lets start with the creatures. The creatures are the ones that help you win a certain level by helping you finish the level as fast as possible.

Each creature has a "power" that coughs up these power ups that you can use in board.

  • Getting rid of a column or row - highlights 1 row or column and eliminates it. This is helpful especially if an item has to be unfreeze or if you are in a pinch on your goal.
  • Getting ride of 2 columns or row - highlights 2 rows or columns and eliminates it earning you more attack points to the creature or more items to harvest.
  • Multiplier - multiplies of the same item near it's radar.
  • Bomb - this takes away the items nearby.
  • Get all items of the same kind - this takes away all items of the same kind.

Other power ups are the following:

  • Salt - the slug is afraid of this and will die in an instant. Use this when you cannot achieve the goal (kill all slugs)
  • Hammer - destroys only 1 item.
  • Drop Weight - eliminates one column of the board.
  • Fire cracker - eliminates one row of the board.


  • Check your goal then check your creature then check the board. Think of a way that you can hit 3 birds in one stone to finish the level.


In conclusion, the game is just so so. There are some levels that is a bit difficult but with persistence, you will definitely succeed. Although we don't know how far is the end level but it's an okay for us if you want to pass time. It's relatively fast but not very addictive.

Game Statistics

Levels: ???

Difficulty: 3 to 4

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Seriously

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


A puzzle game with a crossover of RPG

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