Game Review: Bistro Heroes

Bistro Heroes is an RPG type of game where in your heroes slay monsters in order to gather ingredients, cook the ingredients and sell it at the store. Each level on each destination has an ingredient that you can get once you defeat the monster. These ingredients will be used to create dishes that you can sell so that you use the coins to update your weapons and armors.

The Gameplay

You have a companion with you and you suddenly got hungry but then they could not cook since there are no ingredients. So you decide to go to an adventure and start hunting for ingredients.

Game Review: Bistro Heroes

In the Story, this is where you will fight monsters and gather ingredients to be able to put in the shop for selling. Each level has a pre requisite as to which level you should accomplish first. Once a level is cleared, you will be able to receive the ingredient and an item wherein you can use this to upgrade armors.

In case that you don’t want to Start battle, you can always choose to Explore. Each of these tasks are worth 1 energy point. Once your energy depletes, you have an extra energy that you can use. You can earn these extra energy by doing some fishing.

The Heroes

Each of the heroes has their own unique spells and ability. You can choose which character you can go into battle when you are clearing a level. A star beside the character means that this character is highly recommended to be used when you want to clear the level

There are 11 heroes all in all and can be acquired when you clear a level. So far we only unlocked 8 heroes and here are the top characters that we recommend can be beneficial on your team.

Game Review: Bistro Heroes

Best Defense Character

  • Aryan – can summon shield to all characters when monsters try to do a sudden attack.
  • Limu – can summon a barrier that absorbs the damage and increase the defense by 40%.
  • Eclair – can summon a barrier that absorbs damage and increase the defense by 40%. Same as Limu.

Best Stun Character

  • Fondue – can summon vines that entangle the monsters to prevent them from attacking you while you are busy attacking other monsters.
  • Espresso – can stun the target for 3 seconds to prevent it from doing anything.
  • Mocha – can summon a robot that taunts all enemies.

Best Damage Character

  • Coq au Vin – can summon multiple arrows and can deal damage to the monsters.
  • Hotdog – can summon like an earthquake on the ground and can deal damage.


  • Fondue is best to use when there are monster bombs that come at you on the stage. You will be able to know these monsters are up to know good when it will be summoned before they actually appear.
  • Coq au Vin is our personal best since the arrow can do great damage.

Once the powers have been used, there is a countdown to wait until you can use it again. So choose carefully as to when you will use it.

Game Review: Bistro Heroes

The Shop

In the shop icon, here you can see the list of menus and their ingredients to be able to cook the recipe. If you lack an ingredient, you can go to the story mode and do some slaying to get it.

Once you get the ingredients, if you want to maximize the ingredients, you can click on Max Craft or craft (if you just want 1 dish created).

Game Review: Bistro Heroes

The coins you earn can be used to upgrade your weapons, armors, rest area, counters for your shop, and turnover rate.

The Furniture

There is also a design aspect in this game. You can choose some furniture you earn from all your slayings and you can put it in your 2D place where your heroes are free to roam around.

The Dungeon

The Dungeon is a place where you can get crystals that you can use to upgrade your heroes. The more your heroes are upgraded, the higher the chances of crystals you can get.

The Verdict

We love this game especially how adorably drawn the characters are. Plus the game itself has a lot of mini games inside the game so it can keep you busy on what you can do on it. We give this a 3.5 out of 5 in our opinion.

Game Statistics

Level: ???

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Team Tapas

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


RPG Adventure to slay monsters, cook menu and sell them at the store!

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