Game Review: Cashier 3D

Cashier 3D is a cashier simulation game where in you are in a supermarket and the customer will pay for their item. All you have to do is scan the item to get the price, put the money in the cash register and give the change.

The Gameplay

The gameplay starts with Day 1 where in there are a number of customers that you need to serve before the next day starts. Each Customer brings in a different item that you can "scan" or you check out and give their change to.

Once you have checked out a Customer, you will then be earning money on the transaction wherein this money will be used to do buy some upgrades.

If you want to challenge your math skills, you can do it here but the game actually gives you the change that you need to give.

Game Review: Cashier 3D


  • If you ran out of coins, just drag a bill toward the coin section and it will create coins for you.

Although there isn't much in the game but there are some mini games along the way as you play per day.

Here are the minigames that we discovered while playing the game:

  • Scan an item as fast as you can before the time limit
  • Weigh in the food and check it out later

The Upgrades

You can actually upgrade your supermarket with more items to sell. Each of the upgrade comes from what the customer pays when they checkout. You can earn more money if you watch videos but to be honest, this game is full of videos.

Game Review: Cashier 3D

The Verdict

Well, it's not something that we would really be playing all the time because of its simplicity but then, we just felt we wanted to be a cashier for the day and we also had a bet as to how good we are at math.

Check this out if you just want to be a cashier for the day!

Game Statistics

Difficulty: 1

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Rollic Games



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