Game Review: Cook Panic

Cook Panic is a new style adventure cooking game where mischievous cats are your hindrance to cook. Gather the ingredients, cook it and serve it to your customers before they get angry.

The game is relatively easy but it proves to be a challenge especially if you are a star hoarder. There are different recipes to create and different drinks to serve.

Equipment upgrades, design upgrades and menu upgrades are helpful to achieve the goal per level.

The Game Play

There are exactly 100 levels until the game is finished. Each level has different menu's to cook. You have exactly 70 seconds to serve as much as you can and achieve 3 stars or the 3 star point goal. Stars are critical for they need to be used to unlock the next 20 levels of the game.

To cook a menu, click on a menu and then ingredients will scatter all over. The goal is to gather the ingredients in one go to achieve higher points. Once the ingredients are cooked (which does not take very long), click on the customers speak bubble and the ingredients are directly served.

Game Review: Cook Panic

One must note that in each level, there are different hindrances as to what can cause a delay in cooking the menu.

The Hindrances

  • Ketchup - clicking on this will make your screen red and you will have no idea who needs to be served with the correct menu.
  • Bomb - clicking on this clears all the ingredients and the menu that has already been cooked.
  • Dyamite - clicking on this also clears all ingredients and the menu that has already been cooked.
  • Frying Pan - clicking on this does nothing and just makes a nuisance on your screen.


  • As much as you can, if you can gather the ingredients with just one swipe, the better.
  • There are instances where ingredients are all over the place and they move really fast, click on it faster so that it will go back to its normal mode.
  • Holding on the ingredients for a long time may cause the ingredients to scatter. So take note on the seconds left of holding the ingredient.
  • Cooking ahead is best even if the customer does not order it. If you cook ahead, the more customers you serve.

You can replay the level over and over again until you get the 3 stars. Each level replayed earns you coins so if you are short on coins, you can replay the level over and over.


Upgrading an equipment or decor can help you with achieving the goal quickly. These are advisable if you want to achieve 3 stars.


  • Start upgrade on the equipment's since these are helpful for cooking lots of ingredients.
  • Upgrade on the menu also to achieve more coins when you serve it.

Hatch chef by achieving tasks. Each tasks earns your an egg and if you have enough egg, you can hatch a new chef. These chef can help you earn coins or help you cook or serve drinks.


  • Since each level has a different menu, sometimes it is best to change chef's. Some chef's earn you more coins even if the menu serve is all drinks.

Game Review: Cook Panic

Overall it is an addictive game that like most addictive game helps you in passing the time.

Game Statistics

Levels: 100

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Neowiz

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


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