Game Review: Cooking Battle

Cooking Battle is a fast-paced cooking multiplayer game. You team up with people around the world by choosing a chef to use. The goal is to serve the menu found at the upper left by chopping, cooking, deep frying and serving to the customer. It’s easy to look but trust me it is very hard. The concept of the game is quite similar to Overcook but instead of having team mates as your friends, you get to have people around the world.

The game has a ranked feature with different modes. The most common one that people play is the Race 2v2 – which is always open compared to the others.

Game Review: Cooking Battle

The Gameplay

Like we mentioned above, there are different features in the game. You have the ranked, pizza challenge, training, create a room and join a room.

The Ranked room is where you get to earn your title. This type of gameplay kind of reminds us with Mobile Legends. The structure is more or less the same. You have the season and the rank titles are the same. The good thing about the rank mode here is that even if you lose, you don’t rank down that quickly.

The Pizza Challenge room is where you need to earn 3 stars to get the reward at the end. Basically the concept is complete the pizza slices so that you get all the item rewards that you can use to upgrade your chef, buy skin, buy chefs and others.

The Training room is the room that lets you practice on how the game works and how each map works.

The key to the game is to fulfill the orders of the customer or else lose points. The highest points wins.

Game Review: Cooking Battle


  • Choose your chef wisely. For each map, each chef has it’s own weaknesses and advantages. 
  • Be careful on some opponents. They might steal your food while you are cooking.

The game is all about cooking. So it depends on the map and what needs to be served but most of the time, you need to chop, cook, put in plate and serve.

The dynamics between team is crucial in this. You need to observe as to how your partner works so that you can “help” on whatever is left to do.

The Chefs

There are different chefs in this game. The first one you acquire will be your test chef. Each chef in the game has their own power ups. As mentioned in the tip, you need to choose wisely on which chef to use in every game. For us, we do have our favorites and it has helped a lot when we play multiplayer.

Jack is our all time favorite. His power up slices an ingredient instantly but not only that, whatever ingredient it hits, it will also slices it.

Isshin is probably the next in line. He can cut 2 ingredients at the same time given that there is extra space beside the chopping board.

Mili can run as fast as she can especially if what your cooking is almost burning. (To note, yes Tommy has the same skill as Mili but for some reason Mili is faster)

We haven’t used other chefs but we did encounter some of them. Here are some annoying chefs that could destroy your partners dynamics.

Neera creates a bubble. If you encounter the bubble, chances are you will be inside the bubble and float. The only way to pop this is to wait or let your partner pop it up.

Anubis creates a tornado and sweeps off your cut ingredients or the ingredients you are cooking. So be careful.

Thor creates lightning and electrocutes the chefs making it hard to do anything.

Game Review: Cooking Battle


Items can be earned in different ways. If you login everyday, you are able to get free items as part of the daily login gift. When you finish a quest, you are also able to earn items. Pots are also another way of getting items.

These items are important to upgrade your chef or earn tickets that you can use in the shops.

This is also where you can earn coins that you can use for your upgrades.


Those people that you have played with can add you as a friend after every battle. Some add you because you have good chemistry or working dynamics, some don’t. So don’t be weirded out if you get a friend request. The more friends the better, right?


Yes, we are addicted. But the problem to this one is that if your internet is bad, expect a really bad connection.

Game Statistics

Challenges: Ranked, Pizza Challenge

Difficulty: 4

Platform: Android

Developer: Gamemakerone

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Team up with anyone in the world and cook up a storm, serve to customer before time runs out!

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