Game Review: Cooking Madness

Cooking Madness is a cooking time management arcade game where in you cook and serve what the customer wants. Time and attention to detail is what you need to beat each goal of the game. If you accidentally make one mistake or even get distracted, it would be hard to achieve the goal and thus, one energy will be deducted.

The good thing about this game is that you can play offline. That means that you play without using your data. If you

Game Review: Cooking Madness

The Gameplay

Once you get started, a customer comes in and will tell you what their orders are. You cook their order, put it on a plate and serve. There's a catch. Do not overcook and do not make the customers wait too long.

One thing you should know about this game, this is not your ordinary time management game. You need to use strategies for each goal.

If the goal is to serve an X number of customers, you need to be very fast.

But if the goal is to serve a certain amount or earn a certain amount, you need to get "combo"'s as much as you can.

Combo's can earn you a lot of money than serving a lot of customers.


  • If the goal is to earn a lot of money, wait for the first and second customer before serving it to them. That way you get combos as early as the game.
  • Better to cook ahead especially if you already redo the level over and over again.

The Keys

The keys are important if you want to unlock new levels. Each key obtained depends on how many stars you need to get. So it is possible you will need to do a certain level 3 times. Is there a shortcut to obtaining keys? The answer is no. It is frustrating, really.

For each level, there are different types of goals (as mentioned above). However, there will be times that you fail for each level - so it is better to have everything upgraded.

Coins are used to upgrade the equipment, the farther the level, the more expensive the equipment.

Gems are very important too if you need to buy power ups or buy extra time or extra customer. So don't waste on them!

The Power ups

Power ups are extremely helpful when you are frustrated on not being able to finish a certain level. There are 3 power ups you can use.

  • The Does not Overcook power up can be used when you don't want your dishes to overcook or burn.
  • The 2x Coins earned power up are extremely useful when the goal is to earn a certain amount.
  • The Pot holder power up can be used when you instant cooking.


  • Don't waste your gems on buying extra time or customers. We recommend buying it for power ups. But fast hands are also recommended.

Game Review: Cooking Madness

The Strategy

The only way to beat each goal is being focused and sometimes, cooking in advance. But the best way to beat it is just tapping on what you have. Sometimes, when there are just way too many customers, it's better to tap everything and see if it is one of the customers. This way, you earn combo's (more coins) and the customer doesn't get mad.

The Verdict

Honestly, we are now addicted. Getting those 3 stars can either be boring or frustrating. We just finished the 1st world and now in the second one.

Game Statistics

Levels: 120 / each world

Worlds: 6

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Girl Games

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Cook, Serve and earn coins for your customers! Do it fast before time runs out.

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