Game Review: Dessert Chain

Dessert Chain is a highly addictive and fast paced time management game which is set to test ones agility and strategy. The game has 4 different locations with different menu to create and serve to the hungry customers.

The game has a great tutorial skills at the beginning of the game. The recipes that are created are different and most definitely delicious to look at.

There are 4 locations. The Coffee Shop is the first one to play with all 40 levels. The other locations needs to be unlocked with the use of gems and coins that was acquired upon playing the first location.

Game Review: Dessert Chain


Choose upgrades that is best to earn 3 stars by playing once. The level can be played over and over again without having to finish it and not suffer any consequences. (Which is a good thing!) Each upgrade cost coins and gems and most often, the gems mostly runs out the most.

There are a lot of options as to how to earn gems.


  • Earn as much coins and gems, these will be used to buy upgrades.
  • In the achievement icon, you can claim some coins and gems as well once you completed the goals.
  • Aim to get 3 stars on each level to claim coins and gems by 2 or 3 hours.
  • Leveling up earns your coins and gems.

The higher the level the more customer there would be and the earning will get slow. In the last 5 levels before completing all levels in the location, it is crucial to choose the BEST upgrades to buy since gems are limited.

Game Review: Dessert Chain

The Game Play

Caution: Fingers or thumbs tend to get tired after playing over and over again just to get the 3 stars.

There are 40 levels in each location. Early levels have lower customers and this would be a great time to practice and master the different recipes of the store.

Game Review: Dessert Chain

As the levels progress, new recipes will be introduced. But be careful, sometimes the "tutorial" will only give the basic as to how to create the menu. Some combinations are the same but with the "new" ingredient.


  • If a new recipe or ingredient is introduced, most often these would be what the customer wants.
  • Create the menu ahead to avoid the "rush" customers.
  • If one customer orders a lot, buy time by giving 1 order to the customer and giving another order to another customer with less orders to always have a "good mood".
  • Concentrate, concentrate and reduce the "fat fingers" problem.

Game Review: Dessert Chain

Game Statistics

Levels: 40 each location

Difficulty: 4.5

Platform: iOS and Android


  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Test your time management skills by managing delicious desserts!

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