Game Review: Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is a turn-based role-playing game set in the Final Fantasy Universe.
The game features characters from the entire Final Fantasy series and there's a wide range of characters that you can choose.
Opera Omnia is a mobile game and you will definitely see the game offer in-game items for real money.
However, the game doesn't aggressively promote such deals which is quite nice. Of course, there's more things that we have to talk about

The World

Opera Omnia has 12 worlds that you can complete in its story and there's another 6 worlds in act 2.
Each world is broken up into several stages that you have to complete. If you are able to complete all the fights in a world, then it is considered as cleared.
Once a world is cleared, you will have access to hard mode. If you complete all the stages in hard mode, then the world will be considered as complete.
If you complete a stage in each world, you will be rewarded with resources which you use to buy and upgrade equipment.
Other than the main story, there are more levels called lost chapters, world of illusions and abyss.
These additional levels are focused for end-game content and these can be done anytime.


The game also lets you earn resources by giving you daily, player and event quests.
If you complete these quests within the time limit, you will get the reward that is offered.
Luckily, the game offers a lot of rewards and events which will keep you interested in the game.

The game also has a monthly mission that you can do. You can think of this as a bingo book style of reward.
If you complete a line, you will get a bonus reward which is usually gems and tickets.
There is a time limit to these monthly missions and it is always good to complete it as soon as possible.


After gaining enough gems, you can use these gems to draw equipment from a featured event banner.
Like other mobile games, you will have to play a luck based game in order to get powerful gear for your characters.
However, Opera Omnia gives a generous amount of free gems which you can use to get those powerful gear.
Of course, you could also use tickets which doesn't use gems but you will only draw 1 equipment at a time.
If you don't have gems, there is also an option to exchange gems for real money.
We don't really recommend exchanging gems for real money unless you plan on supporting the game and you have the budget for it.


In Opera Omnia, the characters become stronger if they are equipped with powerful equipment.
You can gain weapons and armor through a special shop or getting lucky at the event draw.
Each weapon and armor has a level and CP value. What is CP and what does it do?
Well, CP  allows your character to equip passive and active skills. If you have a higher CP value for a character, then you can equip more skills.

You can increase the CP level of an equipment by combining a duplicate copy of the equipment. This process is called limit breaking.
You can only limit break an equipment up to 3 times. After max limit breaking the equipment, you can level it up by combining it with other random equipment.
Once you fully limit break and upgrade an equipment, you will be able to get its passive ability. You can then equip the passive skill to your character.

Crystal Level

Each character has a base level and a crystal level. The base level will increase if you gain experience through combat.
The crystal strength level is different since you have to use resources in order to level up.
In the base level, you will gain stat increase and you will also get new passives every 5 levels.
The crystal level tells you the stats or passives that you get as you increase the level.


In Opera Omnia, the combat is turn-based and you will see an indicator above the health as to which unit gets to attack first.
There are two important values in the game which are called HP and BRV. Hp is the amount of health a unit has before dying.
BRV is the amount of damage that you can deal to an enemy. If a BRV  value is less than 0, you will lose a turn and you will be in a state of break.
While you are in the state of break, enemies will gain more BRV if they attack you with a BRV attack.

There are two types of attack which are BRV attack and HP attack. BRV attack reduces the BRV value of a target while increasing your own.
HP attacks convert your BRV value and turn them into damage that reduce the HP value of a target.
While there are BRV and HP attacks, there are also skills that deal both BRV and HP damage.
You can get these skills by improving your character's crystal strength and equipping passive skills.


  • Try to complete each level and get as much gems as possible
  • Try to get the entire weapon set for a character if you plan on drawing their specific weapon.
  • If there is an on-going even, do them first since they are time limited.
  • Try to BRV break enemies that have high BRV values since they can kill you.
  • Do not HP attack if your BRV value is low unless you use a skill that also gives BRV
  • Put a damage dealer, tank and support when forming a party.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is a fun take on turn based role-playing games. The BRV and HP system makes you carefully consider your actions.
Sometimes, you will get moments where you wish your other characters would attack instead. While the combat is incredibly fun, upgrading your equipment and maximizing it can take a lot out of you.

We usually find ourselves running out of resources because we spent a lot upgrading on a single character. Luckily, a few powerful characters can easily let you complete the entire story without any problems.
We just wish there was more resources for us to obtain since a lot of characters are coming to the game at a fast pace.

Game Statistics
Worlds: 18
Difficulty: 4
Platform: IOS and Android
Developers: Square Enix, Koei Tecmo, Team Ninja

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment
User Review
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