Game Review: Dream Detective

Dream Detective is a detective style, object finding game with beautiful hand drawn art style with many modes and levels to choose from. The first thing that drawn us to this game is the unique art that it presented plus the fact that it is an object finding game. It says that this game is for age 0 to 100.

The story of the game is based on a dreamland by a detective who found a bit of mystery in the place of her dreams and thus the story starts.

The Gameplay

At first, the start of the game is a bit confusing when you navigate into it. There is a practice guide as to what to do - which is basically find stuff that is asked from you.

There are 3 levels - Beginner, Detective and Expert - that you can choose but before you unlock the other 2 higher levels you have to first finish the 1st level.

Just like in other games, this game relies on energies. You have 30 energies that you can use for each level. It will be deducted before you can proceed to play the game. No energy, no gameplay.

In the artworks, there are different types of game. You can have a game with no time limit and there is a game that has a time limit.

To be honest, the artworks is too detailed that it really takes time to find the object you are looking for so be on high alert.

Game Review: Dream Detective

The Hints

If you get stuck finding an object, you can click on the magnifying glass so that it will help you find the object. The good thing about this game is since it has a lot of graphics in one, when you click on an object, it gives you some description as to where to find it with no cost at all.

The descriptions are not hard to decipher since it's straight to the point but then again, like we mentioned, the artwork is too detailed so it is hard to find what you are looking for.

Game Review: Dream DetectiveThe Castle

The Castle is a place where you can decorate it and repair some stuff. Unlocking some of the items requires coins in which you earn when you finish a level.

So far our castle hasn't been formed yet and still need more places to unlock.

The Modes

Truth be told, we haven't explored the modes yet. However, we do know that it requires energy to be able to play these game modes.


Although the artwork is great but there are times it was not so good with the eyes. Because of all the colors, sometimes it's not very eye friendly. However, like other object finding games, this is a good way to kill the time since it really does take time to find the objects that you are looking for.

Game Statistics

Artwork: 77 (for now)

Difficulty: 4.5

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Century Game



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