Game Review: Dungeon Chef

Dungeon Chef is a cooking game with a mix of RPG by battling out monsters. The game focuses more on the cooking game rather than the RPG. The RPG comes into play when you need ingredients to cook for the menu of the Tavern.

There is a mission that you need to fulfill to learn new recipes and once you accomplish it, you earn more coins and experience.

Game Review: Dungeon Chef

Gaining experience comes from serving customers on the menu that you have prepared or cooked. The more customers serve, the faster you gain experience and the faster you level up.

The Kitchen

The kitchen has stoves to cook and it is divided into cooking methods. Some dishes are needed to cook first before you can make another dish.

Just like the real thing (cooking real food), if you cook a dish, you have to wait. There is a waiting time until the dishes are done. But the good thing is, you can cook different kinds of dishes at the same time without having to wait for it.


  • Cook lots of Process and Others dish. Some of these dish are used to cook another dish.
  • Take note on how customers order. If there is a demand of a certain type of dish, cook more of it.
  • Have 3 of the same dish in your Inventory even if they are not ordered yet. Chances are these will be "ordered" later.

The Dungeon

If you run out of ingredients, go to the Dungeon and choose which you would like to battle to get the ingredients that you ran out of. Take note that if you are looking for small ingredients such as pepper or chili it may or may not be found in the Dungeon as these are just minor ingredients.

The battle ground is a scary place... kidding. Sometimes, the monsters have a higher HP than you, so make sure to tap the attack button as fast as you can.


  • Make sure to upgrade your weapons as these are key to defeating the monsters.
  • If your weapons are not upgraded, make sure to defend a lot.
  • Notice how the monster attacks, when it does, hold the defend button to avoid damage.

Game Review: Dungeon Chef

The Helper

Spices are basically found in the Tavern and it is usually with the Yellow Helper that flies on the right side. The White Helper does not deliver much compared to the Yellow one but it still helps when you do run out of ingredients.


  • Yellow helper comes back every time your level up.

Although the graphics of the game could do better but for a game that does not require a whole part of your brain, this game is a keeper.

Game Statistics

Dungeons: 20

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Agatestudio

Game Review: Dungeon Chef

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Get your spatula and swords ready. Battle out monsters and make them into delicious food in this Cooking RPG game!

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