Game Review: Empire Warriors Tower Defense

Empire Warriors TD is a medieval tower defense game where in defend your camp before those monsters penetrate it. Tower defense games are basically have the same goal but it's how the enemies "outsmart" that make the game a bit challenging.

At the start of the game, you are presented with 2 heroes free. One that is skilled in Archery and the other that is good for melee. These two heroes will aid you along the way especially if you haven't upgraded your towers yet.

The game is also by level and are presented with 3 levels of difficulty. Normal, Nightmare and Hell. We aren't that good yet so we got stuck with Nightmare at best.

Game Review: Empire Warriors TD

The game also present some upgrades for heroes, towers and other items that you might get. Heroes earn experience by going into battle in one of the level and in any difficulty. But towers only level up once you get 3 stars on normal mode.

Stars are very important since they are needed to upgrade your towers for better performance.

The Gameplay

Like all Tower Defense game, each tower that you setup has to be strategically placed. Like we mentioned above, you have 2 heroes to guide you in your defense. But after you have earn enough gems, you can buy new heroes of your choice.

For each level, you can add up to 3 heroes to help you in your defense. There is also a hero trial option in the map area that you can try out to get to know the hero you are going to buy.

Each level has a number of waves you have to survive before you beat the level. If you do an early wave, you earn extra coins that you can use for the upgrades.

There are 4 Towers you can put up.

  • Militias are soldiers and can be upgraded up to Assassins or Paladins.
  • Archers are highly skilled with their bows and the higher the upgrade, the faster they shoot.
  • Apprentice Mage are mostly the same as archers but using magic. They shoot faster once they are upgraded.
  • Stone Guardian are golems that throw stones to targets. Once upgraded, they can do great damage to the enemy.


  • One strategy that we learn is to put at most 2 Militias near your camp to stop any unwanted trespassers that may pass by accidentally.
  • Zealot Mages are the best upgrades because you can buy a dragon that helps with the ground enemies.
  • If there are flying enemies, best to put a lot of Mage and Archers on the path.
  • We noticed that Mages, Archers and Stone Guardian (in the last upgrade) are better to fight off leaders with long life.

Game Review: Empire Warriors TD

The upside on this game is that no matter how many times you fail, there really is no "energy" that you need to wait to keep on playing the level over and over again.

The aim of the map is to not lose that much hearts. Earning less hearts will earn you less stars and remember, stars are important for upgrades.

But then again if you do fail at a certain level and are lost on what to do, there is a forum in the game that discuss some strategies. Those might be helpful to you.


Each Hero has a unique skill. We haven't unlocked all the heroes yet but so far, the first few heroes that we tried seems to be really skillful.

Currently we are using, Wukong, Jave and Arryn. These 3 combo does a good defending. In one of our strategies, we usually place Arryn in the middle of the map so that she can throw her arrows in any direction.

Jave will be placed in one area of the map so that if the towers cannot destroy the enemies, he will do it. If the enemies is too much, we use his "stun" to kill the enemies and if that doesn't work, we use Arryn's arrow that makes the enemies frozen. As for Wukong, he has a skill that can multiply. So every time there is a big clash, We use his skills so that there are extra heroes to kill.

Basically, these heroes complement each other.

However, we have no idea as to what the other heroes skills are but so far so good. These 3 does the job well.

Game Review: Empire Warriors TD


Tower Defense are a lot of fun and it gets frustrating especially if your strategy isn't working the way you want it to. But nonetheless, it's entertaining and can really eat up a lot of your time if you're not careful.

Game Statistics

Levels: ???

Difficulty: 4.5

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: ZITGA PTE. LTD.

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Defend your camp before monsters raid them!

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