Game Review: Enigma Spy Adventure

Enigma Spy Adventure is a classic point and click game that keeps you engaged until you get to your goal. The game starts with getting to know our hero Sergeant John Kerr who was given a mission to get the Enigma Code Book found in Warsaw. It's a simple and straight forward task but like all mission's something eventually goes wrong.

The game will transport you to different parts of places to get to Warsaw and you will get to "figure" out how to fulfill each task you have encountered in the game.

game review enigma spy adventure

There are 5 locations that you need to go through and you will have to use your street smarts to eventually move to the next location.

game review enigma spy adventure

Like all point and click game, finding objects, assembling them and using them on the locations is the key ingredient. A backpack is provided for you to go through which items is best used.

game review enigma spy adventure

The storyline of the game is very simple and the graphics reminds you of the past during the world war. One bonus point on this game is that the conversation between you and the different characters are very interesting and funny.

Although the gameplay is short (since this is only the first episode), it leaves an impression on you that makes you want the developer to hurry up on episode 2!


So, that's about it on this game. We give it a pretty big thumbs up!

Game Statistics

Levels: 5

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Bad Pixel

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Enigma Spy Adventure is a classic point and click game with interesting story line and leaves you wanting for more.

User Review
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