Game Review: Farmville 2 Country Escape

Farmville 2 Country Escape is a simulation game where you build your farm, harvest crops, craft items and sell them on the market to earn coins. There are different things to do on the farm and it is plenty enough to keep you busy.

Each part of the game has some small goals and it is best to look into the time frame as to when it should be completed before the time is up.

The Gameplay

The game starts off slow just like any other game. Built with tutorials and tips on what you should do to thrive on your farm.

If you have played the original Farmville, then you would know that this Farmville 2 is a big upgrade from the old one.

Although the original concept of the game is still there, grow crops and sell it to the market but it has a whole lot more challenging. The graphics isn’t that bad either since it appeals to both young and adult. There is a PC version for Farmville 2 but we did play on it for a bit but nah, trust me, the mobile version is much more fun.

Each level in the game unlocks different items, upgrades or even events. This would help you earn more coins with all the different things going on in your farm.

Harvesting in some parts of the farm can earn you rare items that you normally cannot get from your crops. Some of these rare items can be used to crafts items or can be sold in the market.


  • To level up faster, sell as much items as you can on the markets. There are a lot of markets surrounding your farm, just choose the best one that you can cope with their orders.
  • Sell items on the market and maximize the price. This will earn your more coins and these coins can be used for your upgrades.
  • Buy items on the market if you don’t have the items. With this strategy, you will get to the highest level faster.

Game Review: Farmville 2 Country Escape

The Harvest Area

There are many harvest area in the game. You have the pond, the glaze, the mine, the mill and the pier. Each of these areas have different items that you can get. But it depends on the farm hand you put it. You can choose which one is the best farm hand by looking at the indicator at the rewards area. The greener the indicator, the greater the chance of getting the item.

Each area has a time as to when it can be finished so choose wisely which area you want to harvest.


  • Spam harvest the Glaze, this will earn you a lot of Chives and berries. You can sell these chives and berries for a quick buck.
  • If you cannot work on your farm for a long time, choose either the Pond or Mill. These are the longest one.
  • Some areas like the Mine can require only 1 so that you can harvest quartz and tin, if you only need these item, just put one helper and use others for other areas.

Game Review: Farmville 2 Country Escape

Crafting and Cooking

Each ingredient you harvest can lead to an item that is for cooking or for crafting. Since events or markets demand some items or things to sell, you do it on the different equipment that you buy in the marketplace.

Each craft or recipe requires 3 ingredients that you need to have in your inventory. If you don’t have it, then you can look for it in the marketplace or ask your Coop if they have it.

Game Review: Farmville 2 Country Escape

The Coop

Your Coop can be your best friend or your silent partner. In one of the goals in the level, you are required to join a Coop. The purpose of the Coop is to be able to help one another in completing a goal.

We use the Coop in case we need an ingredient. You can chat, send stickers or just click a button that says “I need help with this ingredient.”

If your Coop doesn’t reply, don’t take it the wrong way. Perhaps they are just too busy working on their farm.

The Buyers and the Events

Each buyer and event has their own item to craft and it needs to be fulfilled in a certain time frame. Events earn you stars to level up and coins to grow your coin bank.

The Buyers

  • Eagle Eye Eddie asks for random items. There is no specific items that he usually wants everytime he comes back.
  • Nick’s Knicknacks has a thing for really hard to craft Items. So make sure that if you craft or see a teddy bear or a Glass Horse, keep it. Nick’s got a thing for it.
  • Sophia’s Tasting Table has a thing for wine’s and cheese. So if you stumble upon these items, you definitely are sure Sophia’s going to buy it.
  • Mariner Orders usually wants items from the sea and other items that uses ingredients from the sea.

Personally, we like going to Nick’s Knicknacks. His event isn’t that long and he comes back after an hour. Nick is one rich guy, if you ask us.

Once these events or buyers orders are fulfilled, you are going to earn stars, coins or a rare helping hand.

Game Review: Farmville 2 Country Escape

Other things

The game has a lot of things going on. But here is a quick run down on what needs to be taking in consideration.

Key are important since this can be a lifesaver. So, save your keys as much as possible. Keys can be obtained by finishing a goal or from watching videos.

Speed Seed are important since this can speed your crops to finish ASAP in order to craft or create the ingredient that is needed.

Barn and Silo is the storage for your ingredients. Make sure that this has ample space. Expand these as much as you can since Nails and Locks takes up barn space and it is one of the items to expand.


  • Barn contains crafted items, and other items that are not “raw” ingredient. This usually fills up quickly.
  • Silo contains the raw ingredient and is usually not filled up unless you harvest a lot of raw ingredients.

Farmville 2 has shown to be fun and a challenging game. It still has proven itself to be the same old farmville we all obsessed about when it was still in facebook.

Game Statistics

Level: ????

Difficulty: 4

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Zynga

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Grow your farm animals, raise your crops and build the biggest farm. Craft or sell items and earn coins.

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