Game Review: Farmville 2 Tropic Escape

Farmville 2 Tropic Escape is a simulation game where you farm, create dishes from ingredients you harvest and serve to guests. Farmville 2 is a sequel from the original Farmville and Farmville 2: Country Escape. In this game, you get to plant exotic produce and use these produce to create another dish when you have bought the equipment or store. There are also farm animals that produce some raw products that are essential ingredients in creating the dish.

Your leveling in this game is just unlocking some trees, farm animals or equipment. There are mini goals to achieve everyday or every level. It is up to you how you finish all the tasks or goals.

Gamereview: Farmville 2 Tropic Escape

The Gameplay

If you ever played any Farmville games, you would know that most of your time would be to beautify your farm. There is not much of a difference in the original farmville. There are also a board that you get to complete and earn coins and experience.

There are also some mini places that you can visit so that you can actually harvest or get a specific item that you cannot get in your farm.

There are lots of places that you can visit in order to get some unique ingredients but in order to get this, you have to create a dish that is like a pre-requisite before you can actually get the item.

Gamereview: Farmville 2 Tropic Escape

The Goals / Quests

In the island, there are a lot of interactive places that you can actually earn experiences and coins. Each place has an order that you need to fulfill to get experience and coins. Some places have a time limit that you need to fulfill before another set of orders will be displayed.

The more experience you get, the more chances that your level will grow. When you have a high level, you get to unlock different animals, trees or equipment. And when you have a higher level, the more chances that your island will expand.

Gamereview: Farmville 2 Tropic Escape

The Verdict

The game is okay for us but it's not something that we might stay and enjoy playing. We prefer the Country Escape more since it basically sticks to the concept of being in a farm. Even though there are lots of things to do in this game, the graphics itself isn't really appealing. But then again, if you are a fan of simulation game, you can give this a try and see if we have the same thoughts.

Game Statistics

Level: ???

Difficulty: 2

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Zynga



  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Run your own business in the islands and fulfill orders from different areas.

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