Game Review: Find the Difference Detective

Find the Difference Detective is a spot the difference game. You will be given 2 pictures and you need to compare what is the difference between the 2 pictures. The interesting point on this game is that you're a detective and you are presented with cases that you need to solve.

If you're familiar with the spot the difference game then it should be relatively easy for you. One thing you should be on a look out for is the time. If you run out of time, you will lose a life.

Game Review: Find the Difference Detective

The Gameplay

There really isn't a secret on how to play a spot a difference game but we did notice that in this game, they tend to "hide" the difference of the images in a place where there is much going on.


  • Each section usually has a difference.
  • Most of the difference are tiny. Make sure to open your eyes.

You only have 5 lives. Don't waste them. Try to use the hints as much as possible. We understand that using hints would load ads after but no, they didn't make it like that. Once you completed the level, you get to see one ad. YES, ONE AD!

So use hints to your hearts content! It will save you a life.

Game Review: Find the Difference Detective

There are 10 levels for each case and each level increases it's difficulty. You might not notice it but the differences get higher and difficult to spot! Once you have closed a c level, you earn cash. Although we never used it that much on the game.

The Verdict

We do enjoy playing this game since it works offline except for the hints. You need data if you want to use the hints. So if you need a game to pass the time, this could be a good choice!

Game Statistics

Cases: 20

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Fastone Games

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment
User Review
4 (1 vote)



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