Game Review: Framed

Framed is a puzzle game where in you change the outcome of the story to escape the fate from the sub characters who try to capture you. It's a comic-based style graphic where you change the sequence of the panel and escape unhurt and undetected.

It's a short game play but it's definitely mind bending. It's a unique style and innovative puzzle game and very different from the norms.

The Game Play

Just like a comic strip, Panels have drawing and can be moved so that the outcome will be changed.

As you start with the sequence, the main character will always be caught or killed. The replay  button is there if you want to test out if the panels you relocated works and the main character can escape safely.


  • Notice the doors, the stairs, the ladders. These are keys as to how the main character moves around in the sequence.
  • Windows are useful too since it would be use to go in and out.
  • You can actually start changing the sequence once there is a new set of panel.

Game Review: Framed

There are no words to the panels but the graphics itself if already understandable as to what the game actually is.

Game Review: Framed


There are no tricks to finish the task. It's all about observation and how the main character moves in each panel.


  • Some panels are non movable so you have to observe that as well.
  • Some panels can also be relocated once the main character is on the move.

Game Review: Framed

Although the ending isn't as what you expected and perhaps leave you confused and definitely in the line of "That's it?!". A game keeper and is a thumbs up to try it out. And besides, it's great to help someone escape the worse fate that is death or prisoner, right?

Game Statistics

Panels: 20 (?)

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Loveshack Entertainment Pty Ltd

Game Review: Framed

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Framed is a puzzle game where the fate of a person is in your hands.

User Review
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