Game Review: Gallery Coloring Book and Decor

Gallery Coloring Book and Decor is a coloring book and decoration style game. There are a series of paintings that needs to be painted and once the painting is done, you will earn one star. These stars will then be used to accomplish tasks to finish renovating the house.

The game starts as Mia left her job and decided to do what she most passionate about - Painting.

The Gameplay

Each level has an energy that needs to spent. You start with level 1 with a small level of energy to be spent. The higher the level the more energy that you need to spend.

The paintings have numbers on the it and each of the numbers represents a color. Tapping on the numbers on the painting will color the painting. Once everything is colored, the level is done and a star and coins earned. You can also zoom in and out of the painting to see which colors are in the really small part of the painting.

Even if the game is simple, there are a lot of colors that needs to be painted in the painting. It can be as many as 90 colors.

Game Review: Gallery Coloring Book and Decor

The stars that you earn can  help you do tasks and some tasks help you choose furniture. Some furniture needs coins to be able to purchase but there are actually free furniture you can choose.

Game Review: Gallery Coloring Book and Decor

The Power ups

Like other games, there are ways to make you color faster and these are the power ups.

The powers ups can be earned by claiming daily gifts.

The Bomb is a power up that you earn if you color a lot of portions in the painting. Once the meter is full, you can choose to put the bomb on any portion of the painting.

The Brush is a power up that swipes the colors of the portion of the painting.

The Bucket is a power up that colors all portion of the selected color.

The Magnifying glass is a power up that gives you hints as to where you should color. This is usually helpful if you only have 1 more color to color.


  • Choose the last color number, this usually has only 1 number on it in the painting. 
  • The faster you color, the chances of earning a bomb.
  • Put the bombs on the very detailed parts of the painting so that you don't need to zoom in and out of the painting a lot.
  • The best power up to use is the bomb and the magnifying glass.

Game Review: Gallery Coloring Book and Decor

The downside of the game is that once you go to a higher level, the difficult it is to do multiple paintings. The energy increases.

There are also parts of the game where there are special events in which these events are level hard paintings and there is a time limit as to when you should finish the coloring. But with these events you can change up your furniture to a custom one that is not in the selection of the furniture.

Game Statistics

Level: 300 (possibly)

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Beresnev Games

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Color and Decor to your hearts content!

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