Game Review: Good Knight Story

Good Knight Story is an RPG game with a twist. Like all RPG games, you get to battle monsters and collect items on your adventure.

The game starts when the Knight is having a "Knight's" out and drinking to his hearts content. Unfortunately, it seems he had a wee bit too much to drink, blacks out and wakes up in a dungeon with no recollection on what happened.

In this game, he goes off to find answers and eventually battles monsters and acquiring treasures and coins.

In the map, there are 150 levels to complete. It may seem easy to play but there are certain tricks and tips you need to know to defeat the monsters fast. In the early levels, a leprachaun will guide you on how to play the game. He will give you tips as to which skill is best for a certain monster.

Game Review Good Knight Story

Tip (If you do miss the lephrachaun's tip)

  • Each monster has a weakness and it is found at the end of their HP. Use that skill to power up so that the damage is big.
  • There are number of turns as to how many times you can attack the monster. Take note of that. If it turns 0, you need to chain up the "shield" skill. The Knight will then defend himself from the attacks of your enemy.
  • If you are low in HP, there is also a "heart" skill. Chain this up and your HP increases.

During the course of the game, there are certain Powerups that will be unlocked as you finished all the levels. You can buy these powerups and use them in the battle just in case the skills to chain up are really awful.

Game Review Good Knight Story

Level up is very fast and you can get to upgrade which is best for your knight. Be it the defense skill, attack or your health.

If you die (because the monster is just so unfair), you can revive yourself by watching a video or buy to regain full health.


  • If you are running low on coins, go back to the easiest level and earn more to buy upgrades or power ups. Trust me, it's going to get super hard in the higher level.

This game is definitely addicting and makes you want to destroy all monsters you encounter on each level. Definitely entertaining!

Game Statistics

Levels: 125

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Turbochili

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Do you like making chains, fighting monsters and collecting items? Good Knight Story is that kind of game. Check it out!

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