Game Review: Happy Pet Story

Happy Pet Story is a virtual simulation game where you create and take care of your pets. Choose from different looks to customize how your pet looks like, earn coins and decorate your pets home to your liking.

Looking at the characters, it somehow reminds you on what-used-to-be-popular Pet Society mash with Animal Crossing but the game play is slightly different.

Game Review: Happy Pet Story

The Gameplay

Just like any simulation game, your pet can explore it's own virtual world and interact with characters in the game. Each time your pet visits a pet's town, you earn coins. These coins can help you buy new decorations, get a new haircut, or buy food.

Other than that, your pet can also participate in mini games given by characters in it's world. These mini games earn you coins, experiences, gems and luck.

You can also trade items with other characters in the virtual world and use these items in your home. If you don't like the decoration that you earn, you can just sell them at the cafe.

The Stores

There are different stores in this virtual world. There's the Furniture store, the Salon, the Cafe and the Clothing store.

The Furniture store inventory changes from time to time so it's better to visit it in different hours of the day.

Game Review: Happy Pet Story


  • If you have limited stocks in your inventory, visit a "friend" or a random person's town and visit their Furniture store. You can buy inventory from their store.

Salon gives you options on different hair styles that you can purchase. So if you are looking for a make over, then buy one of salon's unique hairstyles to change your look.

Cafe not only sells food but they buy your inventory as well. If you ran out of inventory space, you can free them up by selling it to the cafe in exchange for coins.

Clothing store has different styles and unique clothing's on sale.

Coins, Experiences, Gems and Luck

Who says money doesn't grow on trees? Not in this game. Well, technically, coins don't grow on trees but they do grow on the ground.

You can plant coins and experiences, watch them grow, harvest and earn them into your coin bank. Other than that, you can earn coins through mini games or by selling stuff at the cafe. Experiences can be earned through mini games as well.

Game Review: Happy Pet Story

The Mini games

There are different mini games in this virtual world. Each character has something they want from you and if you click on them, they will give you a choice if you want to bet something in exchange for something else. And that's where the game begins.

Rock, Paper and Scissor is a classic children's game but these pets are sometimes too hard to beat.

Trivia consists mostly on math and science. The questions are completely random and the more questions answered, the more coins you earn.

Tap Song Beat makes you tap to produce a beat that blends in with the song. Kind of like Guitar Hero of some sort or Piano Tiles.

Find the odd one out displays a bunch of characters but one character is different and you have to tap it out before time runs out.

Who went into the house has a scramble of characters going in and out of the house and you have to guess which character didn't come out.


Despite the simplicity of the game play, it has proven that this virtual world is very busy. There really isn't an idle moment when you are in. You are either playing a mini game or decorating your home or doing errands for other characters. We will definitely be playing this game for a long time. We still have a home to decorate.

Game Statistics

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Happy Labs

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment
User Review
4 (1 vote)



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