Game Review: Homescapes

Homescapes is a story-based match-3 challenge puzzle game where there are goals to achieve in order to earn stars. Once a star is earned, these can be used in the To-Do tasks set for Austin in order to restore the mansion to its former glory.

This game has some similarities with most match-3 games (Toon Blast) but there is a slight difference on how the icons are formed.

Game Review: Homescapes

The Gameplay

As the game starts, tutorials and hints are given so that it would be understood to the player. One must remember that once the goal is not met, there are exactly 5 lives for the goal to be achieved. Failure to achieve the goal and if all 5 lives are used, one must wait until another life is given.

Power ups

Match 3, 4 or 5 icons in order to clear the block or create a new power up. These power ups are helpful to fast forward the game and to lessen the moves used.

  • Airplane – this power up is created when four of the same icon is combined in a shape of a square. This is best used when an icon is locked or a cookie is blocking the way of the object that needs to be cleared.
  • Horizontal or Vertical Rocket – this power up is created when four of  the same icon is combined in a straight line. This is extremely useful especially if the goal is to get as much icon as possible or move an object out of the block.
  • Disco ball – this power up is created when five of the same icon is combined in a straight line. This power up is useful when the goal is to gather as much icon as possible.
  • Bomb – this power up is created when five of the same icon is combined in a shape of letter L. This is useful when there are a lot of frozen icons.


  • Combine Airplane and Rockets, the airplane will fly to a location that needs to be cleared and once it drops the rocket, it will clear the whole block.
  • Combine Disco ball with other power ups, it will create a lot of power ups around the block.

Game Review: Homescapes

Levels and Tasks

Each level has a different goals and there are hurdles met along the way. It is wise to use ones strategic and cunning method to clearing the block in order to achieve the goal that is set.


  • Cookies can be swapped with icons so that it will clear the block.
  • Cookies are a “blocker” when you use the rockets on it. It will only destroy one cookie.
  • Double chains means that the icon cannot be moved and it needs two matches of 3, 4 or 5 blocks before it is cleared.

After each level is completed, coins as well as a star is earned and will be shown on the screen. Coins are helpful especially if there is a need to buy additional moves to complete the Level.

Once stars are earned, To-Do tasks can be fulfilled and upgrades of the mansion can be executed. You can help Austin choose which upgrades will be a better fit for the new and improved mansion.

It is not listed as to how many levels it needs to finish but it is certain that every multiples of 10 in the game will give a “HARD” level. Note: You have been warned.

Game Review: Homescapes

This game has already been marked as an addictive and highly challenging game. It drives the user to play and earn stars just to see how the mansion looks like.

Game Review: Homescapes

Game Statistics

Levels: ??

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Playrix

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
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Help Austin restore the mansion to it’s original glory! Earn stars to complete daily tasks and choose a variety of furniture’s to make the mansion livable again.

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