Game Review: Hustle Castle

Hustle Castle is a role playing game where you are the master of your castle and subjects await your every command. Just like any castle, rooms are built and upgraded to accommodate your growing number of subjects. The main core of the game is to train and attack enemies to complete quests and earn chests as rewards.

The Gameplay

Your castle starts off small with a number of subjects. Rooms will be built and these rooms are key factors in earning food, coins or even train these subjects. As the game progresses, you will earn chests and unboxing them will give you rare items that you can equip for your subjects.

If luck is on your side, rare items with high HP or critical attack weapons will be unboxed and will be placed in your inventory.

The Rooms

Each room has it’s own role and in the game, there is a guide which room needs to be upgraded or to be built. These guides, once achieved, earn you coins or items that you can use to upgrade rooms.

Do not be thrifty in using your gems. Gems can be earned when you open chests or achieving goals. These gems are used if you want to speed up the workers work in upgrading a room or destroying a corpse or wall that is within your castles land.

Game Review: Hustle Castle

The Fight

Although there isn’t much you can do during battle but your squad power is a factor when defeating your enemies. The more squad power, the better chances of winning but although this is not only the factor. You need to look at your squad’s ability.

There are lots of ways to fight and earn chests. You can either:

  • Fight in different locations with enemy squads OR
  • Fight Real Life enemies (around the internet) OR
  • Fight Invaders that pops up once in a while in the Map

Each fight earns you a chest or replenishes the resources your lost.

The harder the enemy, the greater the reward and the rarer the item you can get.

Game Review: Hustle Castle

Don’t be discourage if you get defeated in Locations, you’re level will not decrease.

However, if you get defeated in a fight with Real Enemies, then be prepared to lost trophies. These trophies are used for the Leaderboard ranking around the world.


  • When you only have 2 subjects to be your knights, equip them with one melee weapon and one archer. Melee equipment’s are stronger and can make your knights last longer while archers can attack from a distance.
  • When there are 3 subjects, balance it out with either 2 melee and 1 archer or 1 melee, 1 archer and 1 mage.

Types of Warriors

There are 3 types of warriors so far we have encountered.

  • The Melee has one of the most strongest equipment and is good for offense.
  • The Archer usually stands at a distance and is the second strongest warrior.
  • The Mage usually stand between the Melee and the Archer and depending on the equipment can either heal it’s fellow teammate or resurrect them from the dead.

Game Review: Hustle Castle

How to assign

Subjects can be “created” by placing a man and woman in a living room. Some also can wander off and just show up directly on your castle. Either way, these are important since you can train them and they can be of help in your growing castle.

First things first, you need to look at which attribute is the highest. With this, you will know which one of them should be assigned in which room.

Training subjects take time so if you want a worker to have the maximum level as possible, then be prepared to wait until they achieve their “full” potential.


  • Shield attribute are best as knights, can be trained in the training room and can be placed in Barracks to use for offense and defense attacks.
  • Money attribute are best as Treasurer and can work at the Treasury.
  • Food attribute are best as Cooks and can work at the Dining Hall.


There is another Role Playing game just as much as addicting as this one but I find this one a bit better. There are more things to do and there are goals to achieve.

Game Review: Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom

Game Statistics

Locations: 7 or more

Difficulty: 4

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: MY COM

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Build your kingdom, train your subjects and become the most powerful castle in all the realm!

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