Game Review: Juanito Arcade Mayhem

Juanito Arcade Mayhem is an action packed adventure game where you shoot green cells that drop down from above and defeat their last leader. The game itself gives a nostalgic feeling since most of it's background or even the music is a twist of some of the most popular and beloved arcade games.

The game starts with a simple backstory of Juanito. Juanito was in the arcades when suddenly the games in the arcade was in "trouble". To save the game, Juanito was zapped inside the game and save it.

Like most games, there is a small tutorial on how the game actually works. The controllers of the game, even this, reminded us that this game is a bit like one of the arcades.

Game Review: Juanito Arcade Mayhem

The Gameplay

There are 2 options to choose from when you start playing. The Story mode or the Survival mode.

The Story Mode

The Story mode is more on the sequence of events that you encounter. There are worlds to visit and levels to beat and stars to earn. Power ups and food items are also available when you kill the green cells hopping around your area. Coins can be earned and can be used to upgrade your weapons.

Each world has a total of 10 levels and each level has a maximum of 3 stars. The more lives you have, the more stars you earn. You can choose the difficulty you want to play in each level - Izi Pizi (Easy), Arcade (Normal) and Old School(Hardcore).

Although we decided to try the Izi Pizi, it's not that "easy" as we thought.

Game Review: Juanito Arcade Mayhem

Each level has the same cells to beat but there are some new ones coming in. It drops from the sky or somewhere and bounces around. All you have to do is dodge and shoot because if you don't - GAME OVER.


  • Make sure to watch carefully how the cells bounce, everytime they are "high", shoot then dash to avoid them. Always use the dash.
  • Stay below cells that have the habit of shooting sideways. That way you won't lose any life.


Big Green cells care some power ups inside of their body. If you successfully destroy them, powerups such as Mayhem Machine Gun, Super Pause, and Eureka Gun are up for grabs. There are more power ups to unlock but we haven't gone that far from the level yet.

Mayhem Machine Gun is a machine gun that shoots up. You can hold the Gun controller and it will continuously fire.

Super Pause freezes the cells and with this, you can kill these cells. You are also immune from these cells and so your life will still be intact.

Eureka Gun is far the best gun we have ever acquired. It shoots by an angle and just like the Mayhem Machine Gun, just hold the Gun controller and it continuously fire.

These Power ups have an ammo limit though so you better make use of them as much as possible.

Another bonus is that there are times these cells drops lives - so if you're lucky, you can earn lives and even get 3 stars after the level is complete.

If you don't want it to be OVER, you can always view a video. It will earn your 2 more extra lives.


  • Don't despair if you cannot get the Power ups right away. It won't fade out for too long.

Other than the Power ups, the game also introduces Pyjamas. We haven't bought one since (as you can see) costs more than my shoes. But we have a hunch that this could be a costume that Juanito can wear - perhaps there are perks also if you wear a "costume" - there might be some hidden powers or something.

Game Review: Juanito Arcade Mayhem

Last Leaders

The last leaders of each world is very interesting. We have stumbled on some known and unknown characters and by far, this is our most favorite.

Game Review: Juanito Arcade Mayhem

But if the story is not to your fancy, you can always switch to the Survival mode.

The Survival Mode

The Survival mode,  by the word itself, relies Juanito to survive. There is a time and a limit of lives. Losing all lives means that it's game over and you will see the number of seconds or minutes you have survived.

Both modes are definitely interesting and sometimes a bit frustrating at times since there are times the controller doesn't work (or maybe we just have fat fingers - who knows.)

This game was quite a surprise for us. It has proven to be really addictive despite the frustration.

Game Statistics

Worlds: 8

Difficulty: 3-4

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Gameever Studio

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment
User Review
4 (1 vote)



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