Game Review: Kawaii Home Design

Kawaii Home Design is a decorating game on different types of room using some pretty cute furniture. Each room is decorated by you and then will be voted with players all over the world. You need to choose the furniture wisely since there is a "theme" on how you are going to design it. Plus you need to note that the furniture you use needs coins or if you do want a free furniture, then you have to watch a video.

Game Review: Kawaii Home Design

The Gameplay

In the Pitch center, you can choose a room to design or decorate. But you cannot decorate if you don't have tokens. Tokens can be earned by voting for other designs. The maximum token you can earn is 75 and each time you decorate, it can cost you 15 to 25 tokens. You can also earn tokens by your daily reward.Game Review: Kawaii Home Design

There are default furniture that you can use when you are at a low level. Each time you increase a love, you unlock different kinds of furniture.

You can also have some free furniture if you watch a video or deliver a furniture. This was you can save coins and not spend a penny.

Coins are very important. Without them, you cannot submit your room for votation.

Game Review: Kawaii Home Design

How to earn Coins and Exp

Your daily rewards can earn you raw materials that you can craft to create furniture that you can deliver. This way you can earn coins and experience at the same time.

Other ways to earn coins is by logging in daily. You are rewarded by at most 10,000 coins that you can use to buy a good furniture to get a good rate.

The Verdict

The game isn't really quite there yet to make it more "fun". It is good for a bit of a casual game and just doing decoration (because that is all there is). But then again, decorating takes a bit of your time, to be honest.

We would say install it if you think that kawaii and you mesh well together. Who knows, you might actually use your skills in real life.

Game Statistics

Levels: ???

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Onesoft

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Have the talent to interior decorate a room? Try your luck in Kawaii Home!

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