Game Review: Legends TD / Realm Defense

Legends TD / Realm Defense is a tower defense game wherein defending your camp from poisonous bugs, undead soldiers, warlocks and slugs is the main objective. Like all tower defense, this game allows you to strategize, upgrade and kill the enemies.

Heroes are placed in the campaign level to help you defeat these buggers! As you move along on each level, new Heroes will be unlocked and can be bought if you have enough gems. If you do not have enough gems, have no fear, there are two Heroes that you acquire at no cost!

Fee is the first Hero that will be part of your army and her skill is archery. But not only that, she has the ability to summon a feral spirit wolf who you can assign at any part of the game to lend an extra hand on defeating the enemy.

Tip: Do not let Fee die. If she dies, then you cannot summon the feral spirit wolf anymore.

The second Hero you acquire is Lancelot and like his namesake, Lancelot is a knight and uses his mighty sword to kill the enemy. His skill activates a shield around him and his comrades and does not acquire damage from the enemy for a few seconds.

game review legends td

There are 4 types of tower you can put up. The Archer, the Barracks, the Cannon and the Wizard.


  • Archers are important especially if your enemies are flyers.
  • Barracks can be placed before your camp so that they will hinder the enemy from passing through.
  • Cannons have bigger damage to the enemies especially if you have not upgraded them yet.
  • Wizards are best to upgrade especially if you use the Magic Aura which enables your Heroes to increase movement and attack speed.

There are 20 levels on the Pridefull kingdom. This will be your first kingdom and you have to finish all levels to be able to unlock the next kingdom. Each level makes it harder to get 3 stars and makes it even harder to even stop the enemies from crossing your camp! So, use those strategic move you learn on playing all those other tower defense game!

game review legends td

Items such as Freeze Potion, Fire Potion, Summon Potion and Healing Potion are available to help you finish per level and defending your camp! These items can be bough using Gems. You can either buy the gem through their in app store or you can finish a level or open a free chest (that contains gems and you will have to wait for 3 more hours to be able to open it again).

game review: legends td

This game proves to be a real challenge to us and we have not yet completed all levels. We are definitely sure there are still some other features that we have not yet uncovered but for now, this review will have to do! To defending our camp!


Game Statistics

Levels: 20 (2 Kingdoms)

Difficulty: 5

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Babeltime Inc

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Legends TD is an addictive tower defense game that will surely challenge your wits and your brains.

User Review
4.83 (6 votes)



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