Game Review: LINE Chef

LINE Chef is a cooking management game where in you cook the food that the customer has ordered without them losing their patience. There are different locations that you will be cooking and serving. Each location has a different kind of menu to serve.

It's basically the same rule as any cooking management game. Serve as much as you can, don't burn the food and don't lost customers. But one thing that we do like in this game, the graphics are cute and the actions of the characters are up to date in this century.

Game Review: Line Chef

The Gameplay

Each location has 30 levels or stages. Each level has a key that you need to obtain in order to unlock all 30 levels. Each level starts off easy and as the levels go higher, it becomes very difficult.

There are 3 stars to earn for each level. Some keys can be found when you get 2 or 3 stars. And the painful thing of it all, the higher the stars, the more difficult it becomes.

There are exactly 5 lives that you have in this game. If you can't reach the goal of the level, then you lose 1 life. On the other hand, this game is not thrifty in giving out hearts. There are cases when you have finished an event, you get a gift that contains unlimited lives. Pretty generous, right?

The secret to any cooking management game is always the fast hands and the analysis on how you are going to play the game.

If the level requires you to earn as much money as you can, then it's better to play with a lot of combos. But if it requires you to serve a number of customers, then you just need to serve without paying attention to the combos.


  • When the level requires to earn as much as you can, don't serve everything quickly. Serve one menu at a time so that the combo will go higher and you will earn more money.
  • When you fail a level and restart it again, the menu that a customer wants changes so you can't prepare the cooking before hand since the menu that a customer asks for is random.

Game Review: Line Chef

The Upgrades

The ingredients and the items can be upgraded by spending coins. These coins are earned every level. The higher the "level" your items or ingredients are, the better chances of you earning more coins or finishing the level.

Another thing you can use in the game are the power ups. The power ups are helpers that help you achieve the level.

  • Coins - increase coin earnings by 20%
  • Timer - cooking time reduced by 50%
  • Dish - protect dishes from burning
  • Customer - adds one customer

These power ups are helpful especially if you cannot achieve the goal of the level.

Game Review: Line Chef


Overall it's an enjoyable game but then again, the levels are now more difficult and it's harder to earn the keys. But if you are up to the challenge, give it a try.

Game Statistics

Level: 30 to 50 per location

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: LINE Corporation

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Cook and Earn as fast as your hands can move!

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