Game Review: Mahjong Forest Journey

Mahjong Forest Journey is a match same tile game and the goal is to clear the board within a certain period or without losing any moves. If you're Asian and know the game Mahjong, this game does not have the same rules. However, the tiles used that are drawn on the board are the Mahjong tiles that we all know and love.

The game sounds and looks easy but don't be deceived. There are many tiles on the board and it's hard to determine if you really can pair up all of them. Once you are out of moves, a life will be deducted on the 5 full lives that are given to you.

Game Review: Mahjong Forest Journey

The Gameplay

The game has different levels. Each level has different layouts of the board. There are also some twist on the gameplay. It could be that you need to flip the tiles to know what the tiles that are face down are or you need to free birds to complete the board.

You have 5 lives by default and will be deducted if you are out of moves or if you want to restart the level. You can also earn up to 3 stars. Although there isn't any impact as to what the stars do. As long as your finish the level on each forest, it will unlock the next forest that you can play.

Just in case you get impatient and you want to unlock the other forests, you can with a price.

Each level that you complete earn you anchor coins. These coins are used to buy lives or powerups.


  • The faster you pair up the tiles, the better chance of earning 3 stars.

Game Review: Mahjong Forest Journey

The Powerups

There are powerups you can use in case you get stuck on the board and just want to finish the board. Although we never tried to use the powerups but here are some brief description as to what it can do.

  • The lighbulb - gives you a hint as to where to pair the tiles next.
  • The swap - swaps the tiles or scrambles the tiles in random order.
  • The bomb - removes 3 random pairs of tiles.
  • The clock - gives you more time in case you ran out of time.

But we are confident that you won't really be needing these powerups at all.


The game is slow and a bit boring but honestly, elder people love it. It keeps their minds in top shape. We suggest you play this once in a while to test your memory and also your eyesight!

Game Statistics

Forests: 11

Difficulty: 3.5

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: BitMango

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Play a different kind of Mahjong by pairing same tiles and clearing the board!

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