Mario Kart Tour is a racing kart game with Nintendo characters as your player. There are different characters that you can choose from or you can buy from and each of them has their own skills. The higher the place of your race, the bigger the bonus that you get in order to get stars.

The other players that you play in the game are AI bots. These are actually not real players. The names of the bots could be real players but mostly it is just AI.

The Mario Kart Tour takes you in different destination. Some circuits are the same but with different score level to achieve. Each star that you earn unlocks you to a different cup.

Game Review: Mario Kart Tour

The Gameplay

The controls of the game are very simple. You just use your hands and drag the direction to the left or right. If you want to start off fast then just hold down when the counter starts at 2. There is also a drift mode (but we aren’t a huge fan on this one).

Before you start the race, you will select a driver, a cart and a parachute. If you choose a driver at the 3 items per item box, this means that when you hit a question mark box, you will get 3 items that can help you during the race. If you choose a driver at the bottom then it means you can have 1 item per box.

Another thing that should be noted on is the Bonus points and Combo bonus. These points are very much needed to get higher score as possible.

Game Review: Mario Kart Tour


  • Level up your driver and kart so that you will have higher base points to have higher score at the end of the race. The bigger the score, the bigger chances that you will get 5 stars and higher rank in the Tier game.
  • Swipe up if you want to hit the player in front of you. Swipe down if you want to hit the player behind you.

There are 2 laps to finish each circuit and it isn’t very long. The game doesn’t really require any logical skills but just getting good combos and outwitting the AI.

There are 3 cups to finish and one bonus cup that needs to be played on. A Bonus cup is like a practice drill if you can reach the goal it needs you to do.

Game Review: Mario Kart Tour

The stars

You may think stars aren’t very important but they actually are. They unlock the next cup or gifts. So if you can’t get the required stars then you might as well have to try and try until you get the stars needed.

Other ways to earn stars is if you have earned badges or if you have landed a hit on one of the players.


There is one feature in the game that you can actually add friends but the sad part of it is that you can’t play against them. You will see their ranks though because there is a cup that you need to finish to determine what rank you are.

We feel like there should be more features that has to be placed but overall it is a fun quick game. (To disclose, we haven’t finished all cups yet in one tour because of the time limit and because we ran out of stars. Sad but true.)

Game Statistics

Cups: 18

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Nintendo Co.

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Mario Kart is a racing kart game with your beloved Nintendo Characters as the players.

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