Game Review: Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion is a discovery game that lets you merge tools to make into another tools use to clear up the mansion behind your grandmother's house. Each set of tools are created by merging two of the same tools and it will create a new tool.

The story starts when your grandmother is asking you to help her clear her backyard and you discover there is a hidden gem at the back of it. From there, you get task from time to time on what tools you need to fix or clear a portion of the property.

The Gameplay

You are given a board as to where the tools are placed. The concept of the game is to merge the same tools to create a new tool. When a tool reaches a certain stage, it will be able to export a new tool that you can use to merge until it reach it's "maturity" stage.

The very first board that is presented to you already have a tool that is not activated. You would need a tool from the box or from the other tool to be able to activate and would create a new tool.

You have 100 energy to spend on the board. Every time you tap on an item that can be extract tools, one energy will be deducted. Once all energy is used, you are asked to buy by spending gems or you wait until you earn more energy.

You will also earn some crates, energy boxes or coin boxes when you reach a certain level. Some of these crates give you a helping hand in case you need to create. Some will sprout inactive tools, some would sprout new tools to merge, some would sprout coins and energy.

Game Review: Merge Mansion


  • Your board will be full if you are not careful, make sure to only create the items needed to fulfill the task
  • If you forget how to create a certain tool, just click on the "i" icon and you will see what it will create.

Your Inventory

Having somewhere to stash your tools or items created is very helpful. You are able to earn coins in the game but perhaps you might be thinking how do you use it?

First of all, there is a shop that you can buy boxes or piggy banks for a cheap price.

But the best way to use your coins is to use it to buy an inventory. The more inventory you buy, the more expensive it is.

We usually use this to store those items that we are pretty sure will be used in the next tasks.

Game Review: Merge Mansion

The Verdict

Our frustration for this is how the board quickly becomes full so we tend to "sell" the items from time to time. The energy also depletes right away but then it quickly fills up.

But then again, we always look forward once the energy is full so that we can merge items to fulfill a task.

We give it a 3.5/5 for this. This is a good game to pass the time.

Game Statistics

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Metacore Games Oy



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