Game Review: Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a 5v5 Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where in you get to choose to have friends as your team mate or some random player online. The goal of the game is whoever destroys their homebase wins. So it’s fight till the end.

If you ever played DOTA or DOTA 2, this is just the mini version of it. One game can run from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes – depending on how good your foes or your friends are.

There are under a hundred of heroes to choose from. Choose either a Tank, a Fighter, an Assassin, a Mage, a Marskman, or a Support. Each hero has their own strengths and weakness but it really boils down on how well you play.

Like all other games, you will be transported to a “tutorial” mode in which you test out the features and what needs to be done. Once you have “graduated” from this tutorial, it’s game time!

Game Review: Mobile Legends Bang Bang

The Gameplay

There are different types of battle mode you can choose from. There’s the Classic, the Rank, the Survival, the Brawl, the VS A.I, the Custom and the Arcade.

Most of our games revolved around the Classic, the Rank or the Brawl. So how do you choose which one?

  • Classic is the standard gaming where there are 3 lanes and only 5 players on the bottom side and another 5 on the top side.
  • Rank is the same setup as the Classic but this will let you “level up” to get to a higher position in the gaming arena. The higher the level, the harder your foes will be.
  • Survival is battle royale type of game where a team compose of 3 battles other team until one team survives.
  • Brawl is a one lane type of game where you battle until one of the base is destroyed.
  • VS A.I. is the same setup as the Classic but the enemies are A.I.
  • Custom is a type of game where you can choose how you want to play.
  • Arcade is a another type of game where you get to choose which is the preferred game mode.


  • If you just acquired a new hero, it is better to use Classic mode to test it out. But be careful, some players are down right cruel. If you do a bad job at playing they report you as intentional feeder.
  • The secret (really) to win a game is to know your heroes capability. If you know their skills, it’s easier to win it.

Game Review: Mobile Legends Bang Bang

When you choose a hero, you can choose which battle spell you can equip. These battle spells are very important especially during a clash or hero kill.


  • Personally we like the Healing spell. It gives us extra health.

As the game starts, there are minions that spawn out and they will always move forward. These minions will serve as your fighter in order to push or to defend your towers.


  • The catapults are good for pushing the lane. Their life is decreased little by little. You can buy time to hit the tower when the tower is focusing it’s effort on destroying it.

There are towers in each lane. These towers also serve as your defense before your enemies reaches your base.


  • Be careful on hiding behind the tower. It’s best to get hit than risk losing your tower. When a tower is gone, it is hard to defend your lane and it will be easier for the enemy to push.

Game Review: Mobile Legends Bang Bang

The Strategy

There different strategy as to how one can win the lane or even the game. With 100 hours of gaming has taught us that each player (random player) has their own style. These are the strategies on what we have learned so far.

  • The hide in the bush strategy. Some players like to hide on the bush. This way, once their enemies is near them, they can jump, stun, fire and do whatever they want until they get the kill.
  • The farmer strategy. The farmer doesn’t need to kill the minions, he / she is in the jungle and earn money to buy solid items for long gaming.
  • The pusher strategy. This is the hero. Dying for the sake of the team is their motto. Although it is heroic but sometimes, not a good idea if it is an early game unless they are a marksman or tank.
  • The hero kill strategy. These aim to kill a hero especially early game. Each hero they kill earns them coins to buy for items.
  • The objective gaming strategy. These aims to just finish what we started and stick to destroying their base strategy.

Whatever strategy works for you, stick with it and master it. Someday your fellow team mates will commend you for it.

The Chests

It may mean nothing to some people but chests are very important. If you login everyday, you get points and if you win a game mode, you get another points. All in all these points and other items you earn are crucial for your upgrades on emblems that assist your heroes.

Points are also one way of buying new heroes. If you earn enough points, you can purchase any heroes to your liking. You also get trial cards to test out a new hero and if you do like it, you can buy it.


  • Wait for sales. Sometimes they put a hero “on sale”. With this sale you can now purchase your hero at a cheaper price.

There are other items that you get from opening up a chest. These can be used to level up an emblem which can be used in your early to mid game.

Game Review: Mobile Legends Bang Bang


There are still a lot more features that we have yet to discover in this world of MOBA but it got us addicted especially during our free time. There’s going to be trash talkers, there’s going to be bossy people, there’s even going to be a “what’s he doing” people when you get to play this game. Overall, this is highly addicting and it is worth every kilobytes it uses.

Game Statistics

Levels: ???

Difficulty: 4

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Moontoon

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