Game Review: Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2  is a cooperative cooking game that places its players in very unique kitchens. You can play it in single or cooperative mode. In Overcooked 2, players are expected to work together with their partners and fulfill as many orders as possible. For this review, we are playing Overcooked 2 on our Nintendo Switch in docked and portable mode.

The story starts when the Onion King is in peril again and needs experienced chef to save the Onion Kingdom. Pan Zombies are rising up from the grave and trying to invade the Kingdom and the King is panicking! Luckily, you come in with all of your fancy skills such as chopping, mixing and cooking!

World Map

In Overcooked 2, the players can navigate the world map using a food truck. What better way to do some cooking than to do it in a food truck, right? In the world map, you get to enjoy the beauty of the world of overcooked and choose the levels that you wish to play. Other than that, you also get to watch your food truck transform into a plane or a boat which is pretty cool.


The gameplay is fairly simple but it can be frustrating sometimes. Each level has a time limit and your goal is to at least get a single star. If you want to get that star, you have to follow the orders displayed on the upper-left part on the screen. Use the features such as dash to be efficient with the serving and preparation of the food.

If you get the wrong order or if you lose a customer, your points will be deducted. At this time, when you're under pressure, you're more likely to become a "Gordon Ramsey" in Hell's Kitchen. Trust us, we've been there and it ain't pretty.


  • To get big tips, follow in exact order of the Orders on the screen. This would give you a better chance of getting a lot of stars. Otherwise, if you serve the food to your customers, then the order will not be credited and you will lose bonus points.
  • While cooking a meal on the stove, oven or steamer, you have to immediately put it on a plate once the food is cooked. Otherwise, your food will get burnt and you will cause a fire which will waste your valuable time.

If you play this game on single-player, you will need to control two different chefs. You can swap your controls easily from Chef A to Chef B. As you continue to play, the levels continue to become more difficult because there will be obstacles that will block you from completing the orders.

Now, the game truly shines if you play with someone else or in a party. The game was designed to be more enjoyable if you play it with friends or family. We only played the game in coop, but it was really fun and crazy.

If you don't have a skilled partner, you might end up fighting with each other for the simplest of mistakes. However, if you do things perfectly, you get to see how good teamwork can overcome the toughest of challenges.


Overcooked 2 is a wonderful and fun game to play with friends and family. Although it is possible to complete the game solo, it is still quite challenging to do so. If you really want to get all those stars, we do recommend that you play with a good partner or team. We also recommend that you have a good and efficient plan ready for each stage. This game really pressures you with the time and each mistake will cost you valuable points. Overcooked 2 is available on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Game Statistics

Worlds: 6

Difficulty: 3-5

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC

Developer: Ghost Town Games

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment
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