Game Review: Picture Maker

Picture Maker is picture puzzle game where you form a picture using other pictures to form the correct word. You have 3 lives and each wrong picture created deducts one life. The words in the game aren’t very complicated, you just need to rely on your imagination.

The Gameplay

As soon as you click on play, it displays the word that you need to form in order to get the answer. In order for you to  get the right answer, just drag the pieces one by one on which pieces can be placed on the answer board. Placing a wrong piece on the answer board deducts one life Рso be careful!


  • Don’t be afraid to get the wrong picture. You can just try and try again until you get the right one.

Game Review: Picture Maker

The game only has a few pictures displayed and the rest will just be repeated on loop. We can even show the solutions of game. Just like one of the reviewers said, “It’s a good game and good idea but the execution is bad.”

Game Review: Picture Maker

We do hope we can find another game just like this one. This type of game shows a lot of promise and is highly addicting.

Game Statistics

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS

Developer: HayGrazer

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


A picture puzzle game that challenges the creative part of your brain!

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