Game Review: Pocket Trains

Pocket Trains is a business simulation game where you manage trains, do jobs by taking cargoes and take them to different destination. You can choose which destination you want your train to go and you can also control how many stops it will stop before reaching it's final destination. The goal of the game is just to earn as much money so that you can unlock different continents so that you could be a train tycoon.

Just like any train cargo, there will always be profits if the delivery is successful and of course, you have to keep in mind the fuel it consumes when it goes from one destination to another.

The Gameplay

Although this game is already a bit outdated with all the other new games with their good graphics, the way it was design still brings a bit of a nostalgic feel with the 80's game back in the days. The gameplay is a bit straightforward. It really doesn't need any extensive tutorials to get the goal which is to make money.

At the start of the game, you have a default of 4 trains with their designated route. You pick which jobs you want to do and send the train on its way. Upon successful delivery, you earn coins or bills (depending on the cargo) that you can use to unlock crates or buy new tracks.

Since you are still starting out, you only have 1 license and it is the Europe license. What this means is that you can operate only in the Europe continent.

Game Review: Pocket Trains

Once you have enough coins, you can buy a new license so that you can expand your train empire.


  • Choose the biggest earning jobs, this way you earn more coins.
  • You can actually bring the cargo and leave it at your next destination. As long as the "yard" has a capacity
  • Maximize the cars so that fuel can be saved.

Be mindful of your fuel, each trip especially the long distance require a lot of fuel. The good thing about this game is that if the destination you are trying to go lacks fuel, it will ask you if you want to refill by using your bux or you wait it out for a couple of minutes.

Another feature they place in is that you can actually customize your train to a different name or a different track color.

The Daily Event

There is an event that you need to deliver a number of jobs every day. If you do fulfill the said goal, then you earn a special create and some bux. You can actually see this at the map as to which destination is having an event and if you do, it's better to do a lot of jobs here so that you can fulfill the goal in no time.

Game Review: Pocket Trains

The Crates

Crates are earned if you do a job that has crates. These crates contain train parts. Like most mechanics, your train may break down and need some parts to repair it. If you do not have a part, you can pay it by your coins.

To unlock a crate, you need bux or bills. These bills can also be earn through jobs or while your train is in transit. Coins or bux will fly while your train is in transit and you can click on it to earn.

Oh and also, crates also contain those super cool trains like bullet trains.

The Verdict

We would like to be honest here. We already played this game when it came out the first time and we played it again the second time and it still is addictive as ever.

Game Statistics

Continents: 6

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Nimblebit

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Run Trains and expand to different areas around the world!

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