Game Review: Post Knight

Post Knight is an adventure game that is highly entertaining with extremely and highly cute graphics that you just cannot get enough of. (Yes, we are having a game crush as of the moment). There is only one goal in mind, deliver the package and defeat all obstacles along the way.

Like all adventure games, the recipe is the same. Have a mission to do, complete the mission, attack the enemy, earn experience, get items from the battle and level up!

The game play is very straightforward and easy. Leveling up is not very hard and enemies aren't very hard to defeat. There are 5 villages to visit and do deliveries and each village has their own unique items.Game Review: Post Knight

In the current village that you are at, there are different types of people and their stores that you can visit.

  • The Innkeeper - Refreshes and is primarily responsible for your recovery.
  • The Blacksmith - Upgrades on all your equipment.
  • The Alchemist - Infuses items and turn them into skills which is important for battles.
  • The Merchant - Sells items that you really need in order to upgrade or to infuse. If you are low on items, visit this shop.
  • The Delivery Quest - Quests that are available to get cash and items while battles are too hard.


  • Infuse items as much as possible in the Potion shop. These are very helpful especially when you use your powers.
  • Upgrade your equipment in the Blacksmith shop. Your equipment can increase your stats!

Game Review: Post KnightNot only that, there are other "things" you can do when you are the village as well.

  • You can send gifts to ladies and develop a "bond". *wink* *wink*
  • You can claim diamonds if you have an achievement.

Game Review: Post Knight

The Battles / The Delivery

Items are dropped when you defeat an "enemy" and are also found when you open the chest after the battle. These items will be in your inventory and you can use them as you please.


  • Try the combo defense + attack + defense + heal. But be wary on the cool down of these skills.
  • Be mindful on your life, battles tend to be "chaotic".
  • If you die during battles, you need to "heal" and healing takes a bit of a time.

If you want to visit the last village that you left behind, you can. Visit the Route Selection found at the village. You can still do Delivery Quests and form "bonds".

Overall, the game is highly entertaining and definitely a game keeper.

Game Statistics

Areas / Villages: 5

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Kurechii

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Deliver packages with a twist. Bark on an adventure by defeating thieves and wild animals just so you can complete your task!

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