Game Review: Project Makeover

Project Makeover is a 3-way match puzzle game and at the same time a makeover game choosing over a new look on the person you want to give a makeover with at the same time renovating their house or store or the place they are working at.

Another 3-way match game that mixes design and puzzle game to entice those who are a fan of these games.

Clear the goal for each level and earn coins to buy new furniture’s or clothes for the person that is up for a makeover.

The Gameplay

If you are familiar with the 3-way match puzzle game, this game is no different. You will be introduced as to how the game works and the icons are found at the board.

Match 3 icons and this will clear your board and replenish a new one. Match 4 or 5 in any direction and this will create a new type of bomb that will help you clear your board and reach your goal faster.

You have 5 lives. Each life will be deducted if you fail the level. The lives will replenish after a certain time and you can play again.

Game Review: Project Makeover

Your number of turns are limited so the best way to finish a goal is to carefully strategize on what you need to create so that the goal is met before the turn turns to zero.


  • Always aim to create 4 or 5 matches this way, this can help clear the board faster and reach the goal.

Once you clear a level, you will earn coins, cash and move to the next level. You can also earn free items that you can use on your project.

The Powerups

The powerups are formed when you create 4 or 5 icons at the same time. These powerups help you clear the boards in order for it to drop more usable icons.

  • Bomb – The bomb is useful when the board has some fashion items that needs to be destroyed or touched so that it can be filled.
  • Fireworks – The fireworks can be created horizontally or vertically. It is helpful when you need to clear a straight line.
  • Firework (Single) – The firework (single) is helpful when there is a nearby icon that needs to be destroyed.
  • Wheel of colors – The wheel of colors can be used to destroy the same type of colors. Especially useful if you need to clear out a certain color of an icon.


  • The powerups can be combined. We especially love the combination of bomb + firework or fireworks. This will create 3 straight lines to clear.
Game Review: Project Makeover

The Design / Makeover

There is no game actually that involves here but except to spend coins. The coins are earned by clearing a level. Each of the item that you buy costs a lot of coins. So be sure to stock them up.

The cash can be used to buy clothes, shoes and accessories for your characters.

The Verdict

To be honest, we love this game. We are addicted to the fact that it’s a combination of design / fashion / puzzle game. Although, the levels get harder as you move up but isn’t that normal for every game?

Game Statistics

Level: ???

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Bubblegum Games

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Clear levels by matching same icons and earn coins to complete the makeover!

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