Game Review: Randal's Monday

Randal's Monday is a classic point and click adventure game where in you control Randal and how he relieves his Monday over and over again. The graphics and the story line is the high point of the game which isn't really common in this type of games.

The frustrating part of these point and click games is that, there are just too many scenes that you have to go through and to check out. One thing about it is the fact that you sometimes have to think outside the box and really read the conversation carefully to be able to know what should be done.

This game isn't really best for children so best leave this game to the adults because it is not child friendly.

Game Review: Randal's Monday

The Gameplay

Although we would love to give you a walk through on how the game should go about but believe me, this game has a lot going on and would definitely be best if you go through it yourself.

The game starts when Randal and his best friend are having a drink with his best friend's fiancée. Blah blah blah and his best friend boast about a ring that he just found. Yada Yada Yada and before the scene ends, the ring is left behind and Randal was the one that picked it up. And so the story begins.

Like all point and click games, just click on an object and Randal will try to investigate it and give comments. If you are unsure as to which objects should be inspected. Click on the blue brick and you will see which one you should investigate.

When talking to people, there would be a conversation going on, just click on one of your "answers" and the other person will respond. There is actually no wrong or right answer to it.


  • Pay attention to what Randal's question and conversation is all about. These can give you hints on what you should do next.

Game Review: Randal's Monday

Sometimes you have to visit a place multiple times so that it may unlock a new "item" that you can actually put in your inventory. Some conversations also unlocks items or scenes.

The Inventory

The inventory contains all the items that you picked up and that you can also use on different scenes. Make sure to always "disassemble" an inventory since these can be broken apart that you can actually use to make a new one.

Some inventory can also be assembled to make into a new thing. Like we mentioned, pay attention to what the conversation is all about.

Game Review: Randal's Monday

The Verdict

Some point and click games that we actually played are either too short or just too scary (in our opinion), Randal's Monday is a bit different from it even if there is actually a bit of violent scene but it's better than any point and click horror game that we played.

We do think that this game is better on PC and yes, this is also available on PC.

It's an engaging game and it does take a bit of your time to figure out what to do next. We give this a big thumbs up and is definitely worth your time.

And just one more note to add, yes, it's certainly is okay to look at walkthrough.

Game Statistics

Days: 7 Mondays

Difficulty: 4

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Nexus Game Studios

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Looking for an adventure? Try Randal's Monday!

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