Game Review: Rilakkuma Farm

Rilakkuma Farm is a cute and fun farming game where in you plant, harvest crops, feed farm animals and use your crops to turn into meals or food to serve the local orders of different establishments. Plant crops such as strawberries, wheat, tea, coffee and other crops. Earn coins to expand your farm area and unlock other parts of the farm to get more ingredients to serve for the orders.

In order to level up, you need to serve as much local orders as you can as listed or requested by the establishments. Once the orders have been served, you will earn experience and coins. The coins in this game can be used to expand your farm to have a bigger space and of course, decorate it.

Game Review: Rilakkuma Farm

The Gameplay

As you start playing the game, you will have a small tutorial as to how to play the game. The good thing about this game is that it’s so easy to navigate and to play that you will definitely enjoy the cuteness of the graphics instead of playing the game.

The goal is to decorate, plant, harvest, feed, cook and serve. To earn experience and level up on the game is by serving a lot of local orders. Each level unlocks different stores and other features of the game. So make sure to level up as much as you can to enjoy this game.

The Crops

There are different crops introduced and these crops are vital in creating the food in the store. Although the farm plot is free, there are crops that require coins in order for you to plant them. Make sure you have enough coins to plan these crops and don’t spend them all on expanding your farm.

Each crop has a time as to when it will be fully grow so you can actually plant it, close the application then just revisit it on the time that you feel like it’s done and then harvest it.

The Present Delivery

The Present delivery are presents that you can deliver to you so that you can get decorations or accessories that you can use in your farm.

Each of the decorations on you farm costs nothing. These are practically being gifted to you. Go to your decorations inventory and start placing the decorations or the stores that is in the inventory. Place your decoration on how you want it to make your farm visually appealing. As for the Stores, make sure to put it on your farm so that it will begin construction right away.

Game Review: Rilakkuma Farm

The Stores

Each store is unlocked or is placed in your inventory when you reach a certain level. These store can be placed on your farm and does not automatically construct. You need to wait a certain time as to when these will be done. The higher your level, the longer the waiting time is.

Each store has a list of raw materials that you need to harvest in your farm, in order for a meal or food to be created. Make sure that you have enough raw materials created so that you can level up faster and expand your farm faster.


  • Your item inventory has a limit. Make sure that you use it wisely.
  • It’s better to create the order in advance so that you can earn coins without having to wait a long time.
  • If you have reached a new level and there is a store item in the inventory, the orders that you will get will be of that store. Make sure to put it on your farm so that it will be constructed.

The Verdict

We love it. It’s simple, straight forward and heck, it’s cute. The graphics are visually appealing. The food that you create is oooh perfection. What else can we complain about? Try it. You won’t regret it.

Game Statistics

Level: ???

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Imagineer Co Ltd.

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Plant and harvest crops, Cook meals and serve orders from establishments!

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