Game Review: Slydris 2

Slydris 2 is a free to play endless line clearing game. Although the concept and the look and feel of the game is somehow similar to the classic game Tetris, there is a certain twist on the game but it is not hard to catch on.

Blocks are dropped to form lines and once there is no gap on the lines then the block is cleared. There are blocks with powerups that turns your blocks into mini square boxes which can be used to move around especially if there are gaps on the line.

Game Review: Slydris 2

The Gameplay

At the start of the game, random blocks will get you started with the game and you have two choices on what to do with it. Every move you make, whether on the dropped block or the block that is waiting at the top, the top blocks will always drop.

The twist to this game is that you can still move the dropped blocks as long as there is a space to move. You can move it from right to left but do note that every move you create, more blocks are going to drop.


  • When you start moving from the blocks that are dropped, the blocks are randomly stacked. Just move one of those on your next move so you won't get a Game over.
  • Mini square boxes are the best in small spaces. So better to use these when you want a quick clear of the lines.

Each cleared line that you achieve earns you a score and this score turns into gems that you can unlock on some of the features of the game.

The Power ups

The power ups are like blocks but they shine. Yes, they do. The good thing about these powerups is that if you clear these, they make the blocks into mini square boxes. There are 2 kinds of powerups. The Box type and the mini box that sparkles.

Box - this powerup creates any blocks into mini square boxes.

Spark mini box - this powerup creates the same color of blocks into mini square boxes.

Game Review: Slydris 2

There are a lot of endless and addictive games to play and this one is going into my pile of not "uninstalling", this game isn't too hard or too easy. We definitely recommend this as a keeper.

Game Statistics

Level: Endless

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Radiangames

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Drop, Slide, and Clear. Simple but addictive.

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