Game Review: Soda Dungeon

Soda Dungeon is an RPG and strategy game with pixelated graphics that reminds you of the old school games you play with your family computer. The gameplay is simple. Hire your parties, equip them with the best attack and defense and uncover treasures!

Game Review: Soda Dungeon

The game starts where you ponder on your life's direction and how to get rich without making so much effort. Thus, you see a hyper fellow (due to the Soda served) by the tavern and ask him if he is interested. And then, the adventure begins!

Game Review: Soda Dungeon

The Soda Junkie joins your party equip with a broken bottle to fight the monsters at the Dungeon. You start off weak at first but with each monster you defeat, you are able to earn coins and acquire weapons without having to buy them.

Game Review: Soda Dungeon

During the battle, you can either fight off the monster yourself or you can click on "Auto" to automatically fight the monsters. There are items you can buy such as Heal Stone (for healing), Stone of Sight (to see the HP of your opponent) and Rock (damages your opponent) before each battle.

Game Review: Soda Dungeon

Monsters and Environments change if you get to finish 10 levels. Each monster gets harder and harder to beat since their HP gets longer. There are some bonus room that you can choose from and the path you choose will lead you to another room - Either with bonus or with harder monsters!

Game Review: Soda Dungeon


  • Buy Soda at the Tavern to attract other fighters for hire.
  • Fighters that have a fee have good skills compared to fighters with no fee.
  • Buy also the Wizard so that you can warp from a certain level instead of starting at level 1.

We only got as far as Level 35 but this game shows a lot of potential. We aren't sure as to how many level it has but for sure, this is not a short gameplay!

Game Statistics

Levels: ??? (Unknown but definitely long)

Difficulty: 3.5

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Armor Games

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Love old school RPG games? Soda Dungeon is definitely for you! Simple graphics, Simple Gameplay and with a great strategy - you will be unstoppable!

User Review
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